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Fixtures and Results | Match Reports

Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 6 / 6 / 2018 Avoncroft CC Away Lost by 3 wickets. Old Mo 149-1. Oppo 150-7.


Carry-On Dad’s Army
A proper Fit XI
Infamy, Infamy......

1. Habib Pickering: embracing recently broken ribs, shambles stage left to deliver a swish swash buckling display. Carry on Farmer, an agricultural affair. Not so the full Quasi with ball in hand. Impressive
2. Rich Harris: encumbered by frozen bank accountitis, destructive 27 from TEN. 16 Ball Fifty territory. 1 Four, 3’6’s. Best bowl of the night 1-5. Only missed out on MOM by a short snip
3. Sharif: Failed M.O.T, drained of blood. An Entertaining innings, cultured pulls as to be expected. 26 Retired
4. Frankie Howarth: Finger issues but still delivered a M.O.M. 25 retired coupled with a key wicket. A balls out fielding display. What a catch. Taking one for the team
5. Sam Moore: Back from knee surgery. Timing says everything – some quality shots. Captain Mainwaring controlling 4 Pikes, a Godfrey, Don’t panic Jones and Sergeant Wilson (12th) 4 Private Walkers punting contraband – well skippered
6. Faraz: No signs of injury! Asked to go into the outfield by the skip, (to cover the invalids) no qualms. Bowled well against their openers
7. Ade Martin: Glass ankles shining in the June Sunshine. Manoeuvred to field under a tree (4 not 6). A shadow of his former self
8. DDH: Peak of fitness. Best fielder at the ground. Unlucky not to get a W. 100% S/R batting
9. Stu Mould: No apparent ailments. Up for Fitman Umpire of the year award (2/7 Fav, Raj 5-1) after peerless display. Gutted there was no LBW allowed. Bowled well.
10. Bal Singh. Fingers/extremities: Also irked by LBW nonsense, another W none the less. A cricket ball magnet. Learned from Si’s new Gonad catching technique.
11. Tuckerrrrr: Shoulder and Siatica shoved firmly in the kit bag. Brave performance behind the sticks. Catch held. Missed his 28 off 14 to win the game or at least give us a chance
12. Tony C: Never mentions anything particularly hurting more than anything else. Up for new scorer of the year award whilst 4 ciders in. Genius

A Good run always has to come to an end. Apologies to the unbeatable previous 7 Fit teams. We gave it a go but just happened to drop the ball……on the night. There’s always next week!