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About us


The club was established as the Prince of Wales Fit Men Cricket Club in 1981, out of the pub of the same name in Moseley. In 1997 the club moved to the nearby pub on Tindal Street and changed it's name to the Old Moseley Arms Fitmen Cricket Club in honour of it's new home.


We play around 40 games per season: 40 over matches on Sundays throughout the season, as well as mid-week evening matches while the light is available between May and August.
Sunday games are played at Moseley Asfield's ground, Yardley Wood Road Ground in Moseley, whilst mid-weekers are held at Wast Hills Cricket ground.
In addition to these matches the club has an annual tour consisting usually of around 3 matches over the August Bank Holiday weekend. This year it was held in Hereford.


We are conveniently located only a few minutes from Edgbaston County Cricket Club and use their new indoor training facilities during the winter months. Feel free to get in touch for more details.


Having prevously played in The Birmingham Parks League, we now compete only in friendly matches playing regular opponents througout the West Midlands area. The standard is probably similar to a reasonable club's 2nd or 3rd XI side. As such players encompass a wide range of ages and competencies. All levels are welcome and are guaranteed to get to play for us. Our aim is as much about enjoying the game as it is winning - bar a few grudge match fixtures of course!


The club is able to provide all the necessary equipment to players, including bats, pads, gloves, helmets and insurance, for both matches and net sessions. All you need is suitable (white) clothing and trainers/spikes for the matches and suitable sportswear for (indoor) net sessions.

Subscriptions and Match Fees

The 2022 match fees are as follows:
Annual Subs: £30 (£15 for unemployed/students)
Sunday Match Fees: £7 (£5 for unemployed/students)
Midweek match Fees: £5 (£3 for unemployed/students)

The money taken from subs and match fees goes to the upkeep of the club, including the kit, match balls and insurance, as well as tea provided between innings on Sunday matches.
Often instead of paying for match fees players are asked to prepare a contribution to the tea, especially if you have any flair in the kitchen!


The club runs the Great Weather Lottery for members, casual players, friends, supporters etc. For a stake of £1 a week you can win up to £10,000 per day. The club benefits from the Great Weather Lottery by retaining a proportion of each entry which helps keep club funds topped up.