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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 9 / 5 / 2018 The Village Away Won by 1 wickets. Oppo 105 Old Mo 106-9.


Fit Men emerge victorious from the Bowels of Erdington

With the majority of the team snared in snarls of traffic around Birmingham the Fit Men arrived ahead of the scheduled start of 6pm only to find Chief "Tub Thumper" (non playing leader) and Village master tactician Rik Bowel, the oppos only representative present at the ground. With the opposition arriving in trickles over the next 30 minutes the match started at 6.30 pm in gloom and persistent mizzle (brightened occasionally by the under carriages of large air buses howling overhead)........a quintessential Erdington cricket scene! Skipper Howarth lost the toss and was invited to field.

Messrs Healey and Sharif opened the bowling on the 22 yards of corrugated virtual wicket. Spurred on by this visual bowlers paradise and aiming at wickets the gap between off and middle stump measuring a ball and a half width, DDH took the 1st wicket of the season for the Fit Men clean bowling the opener for a blob. In tandem with Sharif the second wicket partnership was kept in check with some good line and length bowling. First change was the return of Fit Favouite Ash, returning to the game after a sabbatical stretching too many seasons, Ash hit the pitch and the oppos wickets with immediate success. Removing danger man number 3 batsman for a rapid 31 as well as smallish boy aided by a smart catch by Samuel L Nokia at mid wicket. Sam then had a bowl and was soon bamboozling the Village people with flight and float and was rewarded with a wicket before having to retire from the field of dreams injured whilst attempting a caught and bowled with a ball of his over still to be delivered. At this point the unlucky Fit fielder to find the ball in his hand was Tom Caesar, returning to the team after a 2 season long self imposed exile, who better then to ask to deliver the final ball of our injured all rounders spell! Tom delivered.......a dot ball! (Then declined skippers offer to bowl another over).

With the oppo innings looking to accelerate the introduction of Waz and Harris was just what the Village didn't need at this stage of their innings. Both with years of league experience under their belts used their experience to full effect. Waz taking a very tidy caught and bowled and finishing with a parsimonious 2for before the main act took centre stage! Enter the Gifted One , verbose as ever, and harnessing "Anger is an energy" (John Lyndon autobiography) ripped the heart out of the home side with 3 for 7. The main act being supported by a well judged catch taken at deep point by Tom Caesar and a skier snaffled by skipper the Village innings finished on 105.

The Fit reply started with a new T20 opening duo of Caesar and Hall.....the latter going for 1, bowled and returning to the pavilion far earlier than he had expected. TC junior having denied the Fit Men his batsmanship for the last 2 seasons reminded us all of what we had been missing and preceded to hit his first 2 scoring shots for 4 and 6 respectively. The six a picture of timing and right handed Gowerness as it disappeared over square leg for a maximum! Sadly all was ended 2 balls later by DDH giving Tom out LBW (Tom felt it was willow first).

Jonesy insitu and pushing the ball round nicely was now joined by Harris, whose first 3 scoring shots were 4,2,6. With the scoreboard ticking over nicely Jonesy went on 9, bowled, to be replaced by skipper Howarth who was greeted by a first ball beamer whistling past his ear off the quickie (who already had form for bowling one at Rich earlier......now one is excusable but 2 in very poor light just isn't cricket). Howarth called for the helmet and was duly dispatched back to the pavilion bowled off a fast skuttler. Sadly by now Rich had holed out at long on for 16 off 11 and Waz and Sharif were now at the wicket. Good partnerships were now needed to see us home and this was the first of a few, with Sharif and Waz batting sensibly. Sharif went for a good supporting 4, bowled to be repaced by DDH. The same style of partnership ensued and with Waz hitting occasional boundaries the end was in sight! DDH was then caught and bowled off the bowler for a very creditable 5 off 10. Enter Ash with the score on 89 with 5 overs to go. Sensible batting by Was and Ash took the Fit Men to the brink when Waz was bowled off the 1st ball of the final over for 25 off 36 (that 70 odd in much better conditions)........but in reality its 9.10pm in Erdington on a Wednesday night and its now pitch black, the umpire at the bowlers end cannot see the wicket let alone the batsman taking guard......only guessing its Tom Houlgate......who with the scores level and the Fit Men guaranteed a tie with 5 balls to go need just 1 run to win.

The Village skipper (aided by there off field coach) who we can all hear but not see on the boundary brings all his men in......A play and a miss outside off stump by Mr. Houlgate follows.......4 balls to go 1 run to win.....a play and a miss and all 12 Village cricketers (including the coach on the boundary) go up for a caught behind.......NOT OUT Replies FIT Skipper umpire as the oppo gather round me.....their keeper asks our umpire at square leg if he saw anything to which Sharif replies "I am just filming boys").......3 balls to go now......and Houlgate turns the winning run off his legs! Ice in them veins Tom! Fantastic win for the Fit Men, so with jangling nerves and with the majority of the team heading home......the 4 H's (Messers Houlgate, Hall, Harris and Howarth) repaired to the bar, guided by the lights of the club house to settle their shredded nerves and drink ale, cider and lager........Rich even bought Howarth a sea food platter......welks and cockles to celebrate this remarkable victory! (Sadly Rik declined our offer to celebrate in the bar). Well played Fit Men! >

Shaif's video sums it up - check the Whats App FitSelection Group!!