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Fixtures and Results | Match Reports

Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 17 / 6 / 2018 FIT FEST 2018 Home Lost by 10 wickets. Old Mo 1-5. Oppo 99-0.

Father's Day FitFest01, 2018 - Fit Fest flourishes in feast of Cricket

Team FitAde and Team FitTuck provided 50% of the teams, Selly Park played with youth and a smile.....Bournville stole the spoils (well....the cricket part at least)

The inaugural (no spell check needed - honest), Festival of Fitness went off without a hitch. Almost. The 6 teams dropped to 4 in a matter of minutes, with only one loan Librarian, gracing the hallowed Ashfield turf. Massive thanks for said Lexicologist umpiring all day. Really appreciated. The Prince of Wales VI didn’t come, see or conquer, which was a shame and there are 12 floury baps in the freezer with your names on, whenever you fancy a snack.
The Big Top had been erected, BBQ enabled and Tombola prizes leaned gingerly on a geriatric wall paper pasting table. Format shuffled, FIT TUCK vs Bournville will forever been remembered as the opening fixture. Looking back, winning the toss was the best thing that happened all day for “A” team. Mercifully batting first and being restricted to 37-1 off 5, the total looked a touch short. Bournville boasting non Gala Pie eating, Port drinking personnel, smazzed 38 in 19 balls. Convincing.
Tightest game of the day came next. The ever convivial Selly Park team hit 65-2 off 5 overs with some lovely hittings. Fit Ade VI then tantilisingly fell 2 short despite quality biffing by Gavlar and Sam Moore more…..
Looking at the state of skipper Moore following a few house warming ales the previous night, Selly Park were then asked to be put to the sword by Bournville. Restricted by good bowling and fielding, to 42-3, again a score slightly light. Just 18 balls this time from the semi-professional outfit to secure another W.
Time for some excellent BBQ action, a timely interlude, mostly for the need pad out time due to us now only being four teams, but also to allow Selly Park to have a breather after back-to-back F5's. All hail the Caesar catering crew, flipping burgers for fun. Sharif “What’s Haloumi”? – “We think it’s cheese”. “Go on then”. A cultural revolution. Superb spread. ......burgers/dogs/pork pie n port slid down a treat whilst the FestCommittee rustled up a 2 quid for 3 balls "Nearest the Pin" comp....Whilst the crowds were fed, an excellent side show of nearest the pin played out. Thommo mildly aggrieved by Raj taking divots out of the outfield apart, all participants acquitted themselves admirably. Highlight was young Joe T striking the ball superbly (better than his Dad). A few hits to within 5 feet, but then step up, Nearest the Pin organiser Habib, last to go, one-handed, to hit the stump and nestle against it. 1mm away. Game over. What a Talent.

Back onto the cricket then, and after Bournville racked up 99 (in 5 overs FFS...Well bowled Sharif...(ahem)), the last hurrah saw the tantalisingly tongue twistingly named Team FitTuck bat first against the Selly Park bunch...
6-a-side requires speed, agility, and an ability to keep an eye on the game, as a quickfire 30 meant a retiree, or only two wickets and you were amongst it...
So when Jonesy clattered 30 in no time, Stu was Cd & Bd by an absolute stormer, and Tuckerr Snr missed a straight one, it was time for the 6th man to take a bat...
"Who me?? Am I needed?? But I thought I was 6??"
"Yes Picko - you are in now mate...!!!!"
It seems only right that the last rights of the cricketing festivities were administered by our esteemed VP of Fundraising, first marching out to bat with only Bat n Gloves...No pads...and NO BOX (he has enough kids now was the suggestion), in setting a suitable 70 odd, only to then turn his arm over for a first ball wicket in the SPT reply!!!!!

The monies are still being counted Post-Fest - good effort to all.
Summary of the Day
FitFest01; 2018 WINNERS = Bournville
FitFest01; 2018 MVP = Gavlaaaaaaa (an 8 ball 30 amongst that lot!!!


Each game shall be played between two teams of six (6) players. A match consists of a maximum of 5 six ball overs bowled by each side. A team shall not be permitted to declare its innings closed.

The Masters Games 6 a side Series games consists of only one innings per team.

Each team will play a minimum of 2 matches each.


The maximum time allowed for the length of an innings shall be 30 minutes.

Game B will commence at the close of the 1st innings of Game A.


Only 6 players are permitted to play in each game. The 6 players nominated to play in the game must be written in the score book before the commencement of the game.

A squad of players may be nominated to a play a tournament, (no maximum but recommended that 8 is an ideal squad)


Each member of the fielding team shall bowl under the following allocation, with exception of the wicketkeeper: One (1) over each.

The Wicketkeeper must be nominated before the start of the match, and under no circumstances shall the wicketkeeper be allowed to bowl. During play the wicketkeeper must wear wicket keeping gloves and must stand in a normal wicket keeping position at the instant delivery otherwise a no-ball shall be called.

A different wicket keeper may be nominated for each game but cannot be changed during the course of the game.

Underarm bowling is prohibited.

Bowler’s run-ups are limited to a maximum of 6 metres.

An over can consist of a maximum of 8 ball, except in the final over of the innings where there must be six legal balls completed.


A Wide shall be counted as two extras to the batting team and extra ball shall be bowled. Umpires are instructed to apply a very strict and consistent interpretation in regards to this law in order to prevent negative bowling wide of the wicket.

A No-ball shall count as two extras to the batting team and an extra ball shall be bowled. Any runs scored from a No-ball(off the bat, byes, or leg byes) will be credited in addition to the extras for the No-ball.

Any ball, which after bouncing, passes the batsman above the shoulder height in his/her normal batting stance or would have passed him/her above shoulder height if it strikes the batsmans body or bat shall be called a No-ball

Any ball, which having not bounced after leaving the bowlers hand passes above waist height, or would have passed above waist height if it strikes the batsmans body shall be called a No-ball.


A Batsman must retire not out upon reaching a personal score of 30 runs, but may not retire before reaching 30 runs (except for injury). The batsman may complete all his runs possible off the stroke, which takes him/her to 30 runs and the full score shall count. (eg 33 runs etc)

If one of the last pair of batsman is out before the completion of the 5 overs, the retired batsman may return to the crease in order of retirement.

If five wickets fall before 5 overs are completed the last remaining batsman shall bat on with the 5th out batsman. The last remaining batsman must always take the strike and must therefore return to the strikers end after scoring. The last remaining batsman shall be declared out if his/her partner is run out. The innings shall be completed at the fall of the 6th wicket.

If the batsman becomes ill or injured (or dunk) during the course of the game, a runner will be permitted, subject to the umpires approval. The runner shall be a member of the batting team and where possible will have already batted. The replacement must come from the nominated six players for that particular game.


Boundary fours are to be scored as normal, if the ball passes over the boundary line on the full, six runs will be scored.

A game shall be won by the team having the highest completed score at the end of the game. The game concludes when the target is reached, or when the nominated number of overs is completed, or when the team batting second is completed within the nominated number of overs.
In the event of a tie, the team with the top batting run scorer will be crowned winners.
10. Tournament Set-up.
Midday Start
3 Teams in 2 Leagues.
Team A vs Team B
Team D vs Team E
A vs C
D vs F
B vs C
E v F
2 Points for a Group Stage Win
In the event of all teams winning 1 Group Game, Final Position will be determined by run rate.
To be agreed on the day with team captains:
SEMI FINAL 1ST Group A VS 2ND Group B, 1st Group B vs 2nd Group A, then final.
Or just 1st vs 2nd straight Final