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Fixtures and Results | Match Reports

Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 4 / 7 / 2018 Mermaids Home (YW) Won by 7 wickets. Oppo 136-7. Old Mo 141-3.


Round 2 of the Mermaids fiesta was played out in blistering heat under the guidance of inaugural skipper Gavlar. A plan was hatched in the Hare & Hounds the previous night whilst watching the England game and quadruple vodkas.

Like most plans it did not come to fruition largely due to an effective bowling and fielding performance, following the decision to put the Mermaids in. Sharif and Tasker opened up each bowled 4 overs that restricted the run rate and posed a constant threat. Stuart Mould took a wicket with his first ball, as did Jonesy (after an end change) with Sam Moore and Harris injecting overs to keep the Batesmen off their stride. DDH performed with his customary ferocity, which left the fitmen chasing 137 to win. Some top notch fielding, catches from Hall, Moore and Caesar Jr, contributed to keeping the pressure up.

Needless to say Mo scored his customary 50 before the fireworks began with Harris and Hall bringing the team home, with 6 overs to spare. Some cracking shots from Tom Caesar before his innings was cut short after a glove following some exceptional bounce, were a highlight.

All in all a top notch performance all round by everyone involved and another W for the column and a good workout for the 6-ometer.