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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Thu 28 / 6 / 2018 Whitehall Wanderers Away Won by 1 runs. Old Mo 143-4. Oppo 142-6.


Away day at Barnt Green
Old Mo 143-4
Whitehall Wanderers 142-6
Fitmen win by ONE run!

Well, what a result……… conjured out of the bin of despair?

No hook-a-duck, shoe bingo………..conventional mid-week depths suitably plumbed as the traditional ‘everyone bowls two overs and retires at 25..no lbw’ got underway on a sun-drenched corner of Worcestershire.

The missing couch potatoes could have done no end of good for their stats………hey ho!

Speaking of stats, these will be added once the oppo ‘fess up our bowling stats and ‘might’ correct the report (either that or confirm it).
As per convention ….the vanguard took libation at the Barnt Green Inn prior to a 2-minute drive up the hill to the glorious Barnt Green bar overlooking the…………..square being heavily watered. 3rd team pitch please lads.

Oh well, there’s a glorious view from the 2nd pitch at this well appointed Premier league club.

Only there isn’t - it’s now surrounded by a 50-foot stalagesque netting system to keep the ball from the ‘Executive Ghetto sponsored by Audi’ which is the ‘new view’.

Still – could be in a worse place …like Bromsgrove CC (also now surrounded by houses).

A toss won (or was it lost with heads?) saw The Fitmen bat first.

First Tom, then Jonesy packed it in at 25 no with steady progress and use of the perimeter net.

Enter the kipper (king pair) followed quickly by the skipper who played for stumps but eventually amassed almost enough to retire.

A bit of swishing at the end saw a modest 143…………..usually you’d think 30 short, but we were on the ‘spare pitch’ so who knows.

Return of ‘The Ash’ saw the usual butcher of Barnt Green temporarily tamed before The Chairman fed his appetite. An over ambitious swipe to square leg saw the opener fall (not the butcher) and when Curtley found bounce it was starting to look like it might be close.
But The Butcher got his 25 and it was inevitable he’d pop back later if we were foolish enough to take the other wickets – which we did and he did.

Villain of the peace this time was one-time keeper TC junior who’s right arm round was a brand new experiment. Remarkably he was on a hat trick (didn’t happen but what a find!). He was joined by the man with the re-modelled shoulder who looked like a veteran swinger as he pegged back the march to a home side victory.

Let’s just get through Si’s spell and see where we are.

We did……………and were still in there (just).

Fine catching by Tuckerrrr, Jones, Green (2) and suddenly it was the last two overs with Taskerrrr and deathman Nokia.

The Fitmen were not disappointed…………ably supported by a field almost aware of the situation as the visitors took it to the last ball………….and won!

Well played chaps.