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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 13 / 6 / 2018 Mermaids Home (YW) Won by 7 wickets. Oppo 89-7. Old Mo 90-3.


Mermaids Flounder on Field of Dreams

In perfect weather conditions for cricket, skipper Howarth with a strong "Fit" team assembled to outgun a now traditionally strong Mermaids team, won the toss and inserted our guests for the evening.

Not before Habib puffing slightly, pushing a rackety BBQ up the slight incline of the outfield to the club house in preparation for the inaugural Fit Fest 2018 was witnessed by all. The ebullient “street meat salesman of Northfield” was met by some jocular words of support from his club mates and with this visual distraction now behind us the game commenced.

Opening proceedings from the Golf course end Raj bowled 4 tight overs and was rewarded with a deserved wicket. The first wicket of the evening however fell to a bad misjudgement between the opening bats. The batsman who met his demise as a result of an excellent throw by Bice over the stumps to keeper Houlgate was going very well! Meanwhile the senior opening bowler Sharif bowled an excellent tight spell, mixing cunning and guile becalming the batsmen. The next Fit Men bowling duo consisted of Jonesy and Bal (medium pace and off spin respectively). With Bal giving the ball a tweak and airing it well, Singh senior bowled 4 parsimonious overs, whilst Jonesy at the other end snaffled a wicket. Backed by some excellent ground fielding the “Fit Men” where going through the gears and closing the net on the Mermaids who were struggling to score runs consistently. The final bowling partnership to finish the innings was bowled by Harris and Nokia, both of whom got amongst the wickets quickly. With the “Gifted One” swinging it both ways and the “Bearded One” floating it nicely, supported by a cracking run out by Sam Moore from the boundary. Nokia, not content with a wicket got amongst the run outs and raised his arms triumphantly in “Andersonesque” style towards the ever increasing by volume and not numbers, Fit Men fan Base.

The Mermaids innings closed on a below par 89…..and with a quick turn around the Fit opening pair of Hall and Bice strode to the wicket. Hall perished 1st chipping to a fielder and was followed not too long after by Bice proclaiming “that’s the 1st bat I’ve had in 12 months”. Sam Moore was joined by skipper Howarth, the former crashing through the talent gears with abandon, striking the ball with effortless timing all-round the wicket and raising the volume of the Fit Men Fan Base with every shot. The spectators conducted for the evening by former child prodigy soprano and latter day scorer GTS (George the scorer) and sponsored by Aspulls where really rolling out “Eric Hollies Classics”. Sam Moore buoyed on by the volume treated all to a master class and went on to complete a chanceless 57 off 31 balls with 10 x 4. Amongst this batting carnage taking place one end of the wicket Howarth exited only to be replaced by Jonesy who effortlessly creamed the second ball he faced to the extra cover boundary “Long Tom Moody” style. It was left to Sam Moore to hit the winning runs and be chanted off the Field of Dreams and back to the pavilion.

Moore, Moore……Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore….Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore….Moore Moore…..Sammmy Moore Moore (breathe)! ,