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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Thu 31 / 5 / 2018 Thomas Brothers Away Won by 25 runs. Old Mo 136-3. Oppo 111


Report written over a month later – so errors and omissions likely!

Fitmen 136-3; Thomas Bros 111 all out
Fitmen win by 25 runs

Always a pleasure to visit Alvechurch in the summer where the hosts are usually Alvechurch & Hopwood and more recently Christchurch. This time though the home side were www.thomasbrothers.co.uk
They are ‘dedicated professionals who provide a personal service to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year’ which is always reassuring.

On arrival there was a murmur of concern from the travelling Fitmen as a youthful group appeared to be warming up impressively in shorts/vests and various oval shaped balls………this could be an interesting contest.

TC Jnr and (welcome guest and old friend of the club) Calvin kicked off the innings in style. Turns out that Capt. Nokia heard correctly that Calvin was an opener…………. but didn’t hear the suffix ‘bowler’.
Never mind – all worked out in the end.

The hosts put the various warm up balls down and wandered into position – still in the ‘warm up’ gear. Turned out they had enough of formal wear during the ‘day job’ so evenings were strictly ‘casual’. This put a different slant on the game…………..could they actually play or were they just messing around?

Fast approaching 50 for the opening partnership indicated a big score ahead. Calvin (27no @ 159) carved it over the boundary as he upped his strike rate – accompanied by applause by the host side which seemed generous. Turns out the message about retiring at 25 hadn’t been mentioned!

Fraz fraz sloped in (having set up the boundary camera to record his innings for posterity) and tried to keep the strike rate going. Tom departed (26no @ 113) to be replaced by head gurner Shrrrriff. The innings sort of meandered nowhere for a while, Fraz retired (25no @ 83), Shrrrifff threatened but then departed early (15 @ 83) before Nokia briefly threatened a wag from the tail including a maiden 6 for the club…..cue celebrations akin to winning the Ashes.

The last couple of overs saw Messrs Green & Healey do their impression of swingers and lo and behold a bit of a piss poor total of 136 was set.

It pretty much depended on whether the hosts had enough ‘proper’ batsmen, since 137 isn’t a big total on a smallish ground with a fast outfield.

Turned out that they had enough to make a good fist of it but as long as we didn’t run through the tail the 3 of them couldn’t get beyond 75 odd between them. Obviously, we decided to run through the tail and invite the proper batters back to try and ensure we lost.
Tight bowling towards the end (turns out the underused Shaz should have been used earlier) finally put the game to bed.

A decent haul for DDH (4-0-25-3) and fine tight stuff from Tasker (4-0-23-1) and Sharrif (4-0-17-1) meant we crept over the line with a few balls to spare.