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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 29 / 8 / 2021 Bharat Parivar C.C. Home (YW) Lost by 1 wickets. Old Mo 229-3. Oppo 230-9.


Fitmen run out and cricket is the loser

It’s always a tough gig putting together a side on a bank holiday weekend and thanks go out to all for making the effort. As a result, returning hero of years gone by Mr T was greeted by rapturous applause after a 3 year hiatus. Fadil (younger brother of Juma) arrived and proceeded to do a 30 minute warm up, which no other Fitman joined him in (obvs), Paul Caines another season debutant sauntered across the hallowed turf along with Spin Wizard Billal who was not only making his debut for the Fitmen, but also his debut at the Graveyard, as he’s always played his Ashfield games at Brittannic. Super enthusiasm levels from the king of spin (a 4 fer the previous day) and we always love that!

A dry dusty strip greeted skip for the day, George Dawes. Razza, the oppo skip called Tails but surprisingly a head meant that the Fitmen could have a bat.
With Fadil just finishing his physical warm up, Fit Legend Gaverlaaa showed him the true Fit warm up by polishing off: 1 x Big Mac (508Kcal), 1 x Large Fries (444), 1 x Triple Cheese burger (558) and 12 Chicken nuggets (518) all washed down with a quart of Diet Coke. Thank god Mackie D’s have moved to the lo-cal drink option, as that might have pushed this “meal” over Gav’s daily calorific allowance.
What he needed was to burn off some of those pesky Kcal’s by opening the batting with Paul Caines. Tight at one end and loose at the other, is not another Gavlar analogy but a description of the Bharat Parivar (Family of India) opening attack. Gav feasted on anything short with his signature cut and with a no ball thrown in after 2 balls the Fitmen were 9-0. Paul faced the accurate oppo skipper and did well to survive some very good balls. Gav gobbled up a couple more boundaries before the 31g of saturated fat and 21g of sugars really kicked in. With his brain busy diverting near fatal quantities of sugary fat, called for a quick single, decided against it and sold Paul down the river! Run out after just hitting a delicious 4.

The next 20 overs saw an excellent century partnership with Fadil Okera showing he had all the talent and ability of his older brother. His timing was impeccable on a pitch showing uneven bounce and facing some really good bowling. Gav “went large” in his knock of 71 which was aggressive with 14 boundaries. Some lovely hitting and always managing to keep the scoreboard ticking along. When Gav finally fell out caught in only the 23rd over, Fadil was still only on 27, showing how quickly he had scored. A super sized innings.
After being sat for hours waiting to have a bat, zero warm up and 3 years off, Tahir ambled out to the middle to face the oppo’s best player, Amit. What could go wrong? As we all know, class is permanent. With 1972 Fit career runs @ 36.5, 14 50’s and a majestic 108* back in 2013 this kid can play. 2 sumptuous extra cover drives got the juices flowing but alas he got fingered edging Amit to the keeper despite protestations that he hadn’t hit it….no complaints, no cheating, off he walked. Legend.

With only 11 overs left and the score on 156, Keeper for the day SMould in at 5 was asked to up the strike rate. 35 not out off 41 ably supporting Fadil who hit 7 boundaries got the score to a very respectable 229 for 3 off 40 overs. Fadil finishing on 84 not out with 14 4’s. What a quality knock that was. The Oppo bowling was of a really high standard with Razza, Shah and Amit all only allowing 3 an over so Stu and Fadil did really well to get us to a good score. The fielding did include a number of drops which meant that Sharif (promoted to 6) was left wandering the clubhouse cursing his luck! Up to 5 next week Sherif Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

All was set for a really exciting run chase.

Martin and Ben opened up and after some aggressive batting skipper managed to snag the talented opener with an absolute long hop aubergine tinged vegetable product ball to get him out for 29, thanks to safe hands from Gav. His fellow opener was then bowled by skip with another shocking low bouncing horror ball to reduce them for 40 odd for 2. Sharif from the golf course end then grabbed No.3 out LBW for 12 and N0.4 cleaned bowled for 8 and at 75-4 the Fitmen were right in it.

Debutant Billal had to be the unluckiest bowler of the day. Twirling away at the top end for 8 overs on the bounce, he beat the edge so many times, had a catch dropped and a couple of missed stumpings but persevered and finally got his man with a smart catch from Mouldy behind the sticks. The talented Amit came in at 5 and ended up unbeaten (not) on 87 but should have been (and was) run out on 2 occasions. A more sympathetic throw would have had him run out in his 40’s, but he did bat extremely well.

Bal took some tap and Paul Caines bowled well but ended up expensive with 42 taken from 5 overs. Ben then came back on and took 2 quick wickets to turn the match yet again on a knife edge. A run out of their skipper by Tahir with another slightly less erratic throw for 22 and Martin catching a steepler off the bowling of Sharif for a tidy 3-26 off 8, and the Oppo had 1 wicket left requiring just 4 runs. Sharifs 5 balls in the penultimate over went for just 2 and on the last ball it was obvious Amit wanted to get on strike for the last over and win the game.

What he actually did was drill the last ball of the over directly back to Sharif and set off for that “quick” single. Now the lad looks fairly fit and possibly in his 20’s but what he wasn’t was Usain Bolt. 22 Yards I would suggest takes approximately 3 seconds for a mere mortal? Apparently not so. Sharif did fumble the pick up (slightly) before he broke the stumps but it didn’t really matter as he was at least a yard short sprinting with his bat no where near grounded. What a brilliant finish to a fantastic game! Fitmen win by 1 run. A game for the annuls. One to be talked about in years to come. Beers in the bar with the opposition, extoling the virtues of this fantastic game we all share a love for….

Not so. Despite the natural laws of motion/physics/sanity he was apparently in “by a mile”.
I personally don’t blame the umpire because his view may have been restricted by Sharif, but there is one person who knows exactly who he is. Well done on your fantastic match winning at all costs innings. Funnily enough, there was no celebration. No one met up in the bar for drinks afterwards and the day was ruined. Cricket was the loser. Ask yourself. Was it worth it?