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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 26 / 5 / 2021 Birmingham University Home (YW) Lost by 8 wickets. Old Mo 93 Oppo 99-2.


After weeks of meticulously planning and coordination, fully utilising Spond power 3 games in 4 days ensuring everyone had an opportunity to play, promptly became 1 game vs Birmingham Uni. Some people were under the illusion that it was Mermaids and failed to prepare adequately for the youth that turned up to play, including the captain who was worse for were following a vodka session that finished around 04:30am.

Before we get onto the match, thanks to Oli for sorting the pitch and getting the ground playable and also to Ste for his work in getting the clubhouse ready. Damn did it feel good to finally be allowed to venture inside the changing rooms once more, even if it was a glorious evening that encouraged sitting outside in the freshly dubbed grandstand.

If you want a short summary of the Fitmen performance, underwhelming would suffice. The toss was lost and we were duly put in. An ominous sign. The batting order was being finalised, with likely arrival times in mind and Caines and Hall duly took to the middle.

Due to the apparent deluge of rain, I don’t know I was away, we were playing on the astroturf, which needed a good sweep beforehand and could probably due with some maintenance attention. Fit men’s batting performance was hampered by some very good bowling, some poor decisions, and little bit of pitch variation.

The oppo began with a left-arm quick who was able to angle the ball back in, still one for the 6-o meter in the first over was a good return. Decent spin then followed and claimed Caines in the 2nd over, before Gavin proceeded to offer them so more catching practice on the next ball. More annoyingly it was the one member of the opposition that he had previously taught! So 6-2 off 2 with Frazzle and Sam Moore Moore at the crease.

Faraz, the batsman, managed 6 before proving further catching practice for mid on after Hawk power failed, whilst Sam played nicely, some well timed shots that were cruelly denied boundaries by the sodden ground, decided to offer up some further catching practice for point. At least we were spreading it around the fielders, proving they could all catch, never mind the youthful energy and ability to throw the ball. Runs were hard to come up and was looking like being a low scoring affair.

Rob Nutt provided a good few extra runs before keeping up the custom of being caught. Meanwhile at the other end Juma was steadying the ship with some elegant shots, and sensible running. Partners were somewhat lacking with both Adrian and Lockyear, rashly, deciding that a run was on when being hit straight to a close in fielder. Both were sent back and the result practicable.

Waseem and Juma put on a valuable partnership with good running and shots to keep the total creaking sing up towards the triple figure mark. Waseem decided to press the accelerator and was promptly caught, and quickly followed, possibly in sympathy by Sharif also caught, though admittedly the bat wasn’t sounding too clever - maybe time to try a new one, this particularly variant not being observed before.

Tom Houlgate produced a solid #11 cameo, after much cajoling by the skipper to play and resistance on lack of fitness grounds. The running of a brisk 2 was a highlight of the innings, only surpassed by the explanation, ‘I’ve become an alcoholic hermit’ during Lockdown. At least he broke the tradition of being caught, and was stumped off the final ball leaving the Fitmen total on 93.

Not to fear the skipper had a plan. Quicks from the golf course end, and slower bowlers from the other to avoid further damage to house windows after the Sharif incident of a few years ago.

Things started well with an excellent spell by Waseem 2-24 off 4 and Shariff 0-2 off 3 (skipper deciding to keep 1 back for the end. Waseem clean bowled the technical opener and the other fell soon after to a glorious catch in the deep by Gav, as he battled sunlight, swirling winds, hungoverness, and ability to steady himself and take the catch. First time in a long while that a Fitmen match has finished with no dropped catches.

Part the reason for the lack of catches was the propensity of the ball to leave the park for 6 following the bowling changes. Juma bowled solidly from the slow wicket end for an over, before the 4th change, Ade came on (5th isn’t always bad) and set a new PB going for the 25 and then requesting to be taken off. Lockyear then came onto the slow end with Juma switching to try and hold the fort from the golf course end.

Lockyear bowled admirably and bamboozled the opposition with an eclectic mix of line and pace. Juma couldn’t stem the sealing of runs from the golf course end, and with the total ever approaching and a number of overs remaining some additional bowling was needed.

Gav opted to o bring Rob Nutt into the attack, as the latest victim to try and hold the golf course end down. And there the match ended, following a few more maximums.
Decent oppo, ok Fitmen performance, odd questionable decisions, but all in all good to be playing cricket in May!