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Fixtures and Results | Match Reports

Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 7 / 6 / 2017 The Sportsmen Away Lost by 6 wickets. Old Mo 128-9. Oppo 132-4.


Fitmen Stumped by Superb 'keeping display.

Must have saved 20 runs with stops on a vipeslugger of a pitch
Stumpings of RH and SM whatever the debate.
Non stumping call of Yan was the turning point as we got none
Constantly whipping off bails
Smashing stumps. Track of the year for the Pumpkins.
On which this pitch,
They should be grown

Gavlar saved at least 20 runs
With step overs, body slides and simulation.
Good Arm Gavlar? “Wild, I was absolutely livid”
Perfect pick up’s?
Just swipe left

The colossus that is Jonesy
In the form of his life
Made a very tricky pitch and good bowling seem normal
Cracking run a ball 24
Set the tone nicely

Howarth held the innings together at 3
Should have been 2 but for a wardrobe malfunction
With guile, cunning and good will running
Caught brilliantly by D’pish Gully
Loving all the verbal encouragement

Harris questioning the meaning of life, the universe, everything
I don’t like cricket, oh no
Gnarled, wisened and jimbled
Perfect time to be at Ricmond H. Rd
In the persistent rain?
You strike a cricket ball WAY better than a Titleist

Moore expected five, but opened up about 2
The last pitches we’ve levelled at Sam have been poor
But as the Fitmen motto states
Turci autem ornare non licet, sed potest evolvere in splendore forensi
“You can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter”
A glittering 8 off 7,stumped by aforementioned 'keeper

Chas Sedheva, sheltering under a tree for most of the match
Not troubling the six ometer this week
But there are bigger and better boundaries to clear
For this talented all rounder

Captain Martin, shot by a sniper hiding in the boughs
It was trench war fare out there
Lest we not forget the Somme, Ypres and Weston Super Mare
A mud bath, a 23 ball blood bath,
Shame the shower was a touch too small

Ahhhh Sharif, Grrrrr Sharif
Run out whilst dropping his bat
Bowled a tidy spell and snagged the talented ‘keeper
A fair maiden to finish off in his final over
Chucking it down with rain all night…
Brrrrr Sharif, Grrrrrr Sharif !

128 for 9 always looked a little short.
Not so the Dangerous Healy.
7 crucial runs and then a deadly spell of bowling
4-0-14-0. Couldn’t buy a wicket
But brilliant figures all the same

7 Stone when soaking wet through
Our Lockyer punches way above his weight.
2 for 20 quite superb as conditions deteriorated
Bamboozling, perplexing and mysterious
And his bowling turned the tide of the match back in our favour

But it was not to be
Bal bowled 3 cracking overs but came unstuck in the 16th
Looping down an orange bar of soap
A soggy Satsuma
The batsmen now set smashed 17

Standing on 69 off 14 overs
The Sportsmen needed 60 off the last 6
On an absolute mud bath
9, 17, 14, 14 is some incredible hitting
The fact the main hitter was stone cold stumped
May have made a difference
But won’t be mentioned

6 bags of £3 crisps and 16 Pints of £4 beers
Did a little to soothe the loss