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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 16 / 7 / 2017 Walsall Heath Away Lost by 57 runs. Oppo 211-7. Old Mo 154-9.


Walsall Health 211-7; Fitmen 154-9

Old Mo lose by 57 runs @ Rushall Cricket Club

For the 2nd Sunday in a row, The Fitmen travelled away with a ‘bowling team’ and got the same result. Consistency is often seen as a virtue but a Fitmen side needs balance (one ‘L’) and lack of batting was the downfall.

Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result but that would be unfair to those brave souls who visited The Black Country last Sunday. It was really sods law - the skipper can only select those that are available. In bygone years we may have claimed a hard earned ‘draw’ with heroic stubbornness in the tail – unfortunately it was a 40 over game so we couldn’t.

On the bright side, it was a new venue for us and there were horses in the field next door ….but then it all seemed to take on a familiar pattern.

On arrival the hosts had their portable net on the wicket, matching polo shirts and a double tailed coin. We immediately called heads and roasted on the dry outfield for a couple of hours.

Capt Frost had no hesitation in appointing Raj (6.0-1-21-1) and James T (8.0-3-23-1) to open given the ageing Chairman was the next quickest. The pair bowled outstandingly well and after 10 the home side were pinned back on 30.

However, they had to come off some time and whilst no-one bowled poorly, it was all of a pace that suited the batting on this pitch. The Chairman had a dodgy first spell start but came back strongly in a 3 wicket second spell to earn 8.0-0-46-4. Nutt I made a welcome (if at first rusty) return to bowling and deserved some reward, Bal seemed to get little assistance from the pitch and even Sharrif struggled to find some help.

At 20 overs, the home side had upped the rate and were sitting pretty at 90 odd. The second half of the first half was pretty much a mirror image interspersed by some outstanding fielding. Rich K was a man possessed sweeping superbly on the boundary and we only dropped one ….and that was a toughy.

An impressive run out and overall a good effort to contain a side that were threatening a big score. The final result of 211 was probably about par.

A good quality tea (mini cheese stuffed peppers in Aldi prawn cocktail crisps were outstanding) put some life and optimism back in the visitors minds.

A steady start gave the impression we might get away with a fairly ‘thin’ top & middle order. The illusion was gradually broken as the Healthies seemed to know this pitch and a combination of shot selection and wicket to wicket medium/quick paced bowling led to the inevitable.

Dr Weed looked comfortable but played round a straight one, Capt Frost knocked it around beligerantly for his 19, and Shariff was ‘triggered’ when he ‘did a Balancing act’ (2 Ls - went back to stand right in front of middle).
Uncle Mo was inevitably the highlight (49) and on his departure it looked beyond the remainder.

Resistance from Tom H was a good effort but not enough as a procession of cheap wickets followed leaving the last pair needing 10 an over from the last 10. James backed up his outstanding bowling (maiden wicket for the Fitmen) with a great knock of 25 not out and was joined by the Chairman to put on 40% of the 100 target the duo required. We batted out the 40 overs…..

A first visit to Rushall by the Fitmen. It is a ‘residential area of Walsall in the West Midlands of England. It is centred on the main road between Walsall and Lichfield, and was mostly developed after 1920. It was served by a railway station for about 100 years until the 1960s, though the railway which ran between Walsall and Lichfield remained open to goods trains until 1983.’
The name Rushall means 'a place in marshy ground where rushes grow' and they boast a football club, Rushall Olympic which plays in the Northern Premier League Premier Division.