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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 7 / 5 / 2017 Lapworth Home (YW) Won by 7 wickets. Oppo 150 Old Mo 152-3.


Fitmen vs lap worth

After a late pull out by our esteemed captain, ralphie assumed the on field duties whilst mr lockyear captained from the sidelines Davis cup style. With his one and only duty being to win the toss we inevitably lost and were put into the field.

A good opening spell for sunny and raj gave the opposition very few opportunities to score runs. Up steps sharif and Dave healey to carry on the good work. Dave toiled away at the golf course end whilst sharif took wickets with consummate ease at the other. A two over cameo from Ralph saw the opposition reduced to 60-5 at the drinks break.
Panic stations from those who fancied a bat saw the decision to enter frost into the attack. Two of the longest overs in the history of the sport, including the inclusion of attempting to bowl out the non striker, saw another 29 added to the score. With sharif finishing with 6-17 the bowling was shared around the other players with only Gav and Tom the only two not to bowl. Drop of the season has already gone to Dave healey who claims 'he didn't know the batsman had hit the ball' after dropping one at cover...work that one out. Opposition finished on 150 all out.

Tea comprised of sandwiches from Dave and 'sandwiches' from Gav, plus Sunny's nuclear wings. Raj's pakora hit the spot nicely.

Gav, ready and eager to face a ball after watching 40 overs of so called cricket was removed first ball of the innings from the pace bowler, of which all on the sidelines agreed was the only ball he bowled on the stumps! Ade and uncle mo cruised to a 100 partnership before ade fell on 21. Ralph's 6 and out brought in mr weed who watched mo cruise to a match winning 94* with the win coming in just 24 overs.

Mom goes to Sharif's 6-17...who didn't even want to bowl!