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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 27 / 7 / 2016 The Sportsmen Home (YW) Tied Old Mo 149-5. Oppo 149-4.


Thrilling Finish to Feisty Affair!

Old Moseley Arms Fitmen 149-5, Sportsman 149-4

Match Tied

On a pleasant summers evening, our long - standing opponents, The Sportsman, were welcomed to The Graveyard, for what was to prove a memorable encounter, for many reasons.

Gone are the days when luminaries such as Ian McFarlane and the late Stuart Bullas, often under the captaincy of Rob, would populate the Sportsman team of yore and would endeavour to defeat the Fitmen both on the field and in the bar; before, during and afterwards. Nowadays, there’s a more clinical edge to the team, and not necessarily due to the number of medics present.

At the toss, the Sportsman skipper called heads. It came down tails, and Rob had little hesitation in opting to bat. Mo and Gavin opened up and batted fluently, putting on 44 before Mo perished caught for 21. This brought the first controversy of the evening. It was clear to onlookers that the bowler [name deleted - Ed] was throwing the ball; reminiscent of the Ian Meckiff and Geoff Griffin controversies of the 1960’s. He was subsequently no-balled before being removed from the bowling attack. Super slo-mo camera was to prove this beyond any doubt.

Meanwhile, in the face of some rather rapid bowling, Gavin was producing some fabulous shots, and first with David Tandy, Richard Harris and then Mark Tucker, took the score to 131, finishing on a superb 56 off 52 balls. Tucker remained not out for a well constructed 28, with the score finishing on 149: a very worthy effort against some pretty decent bowling.

The Sportsman openers began confidently against first Bal and Dave Healey, then Sam Lockyer and Richard Harris and it seemed that the flow of runs wouldn’t end, before the big hands of Dave Healey pouched a mis-timed drive off Harris by Jamal Khan. This brought about the first regrettable incident, with “words exchanged” between bowler and batsman and not of the “jolly-bad-luck-sir”, “well- held- fielder” kind. This brought to the crease Zohaib Aziz.

Obviously a batsman who regularly plays at a higher level, he first blasted Sam out of the attack (though Sam was unfortunate not to take his wicket on more than one occasion), then was caught by Harris off a Sharif full-bunger, which unfortunately was adjudged to be a no-ball. Cue the second unfortunate “exchange of words”, which caused a fair degree of upset to many parties.

Despite all of this, a great bowling effort was taking place, backed up by titanic fielding by all 11 Fitmen, such that with 12 balls to go 11 runs were still needed.

Back came Dave Healey for the penultimate over. A mighty effort saw only 5 runs from it: 6 needed from the final over to be bowled by Sharif.

First ball, one run. Second ball, one run. Third ball, Ali is clean bowled. 4 runs from 3 balls needed. Fourth ball 1; 3 from 2. Fifth ball 1; 2 from 1. Final ball: powerful off drive to extra cover, down goes Ian Nutt. Ball bounces off knee (ouch) to Sam at point. In comes the throw to Tucker and the batsman is run out coming back from the second run. Match tied!

Never mind The Undefeatables from last season, this was the Fitmen “Undaunted”. What an awesome demonstration of team spirit against all the odds. A pity that some unfortunate incidents in the heat of the moment detracted from what was a thrilling finish. However, we were able to celebrate Gavin’s 50 and Bal’s five-for from Sunday in the bar afterwards.