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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Thu 18 / 8 / 2016 AMS Away Won by 5 wickets. Oppo 103 Old Mo 106-5.


A dozen mildly aggrieved (homo) sapiens

Captaincy is a fine art, akin to banking, but in both professions you need to get your numbers right.
Biff was on the tip of everyone’s lip following a morally debauched display in Solihull the previous week, however due to Birthday commitment; it was proving tough to find a full XI for the final mid-week game of the season.

Texts were sent, veiled threats elicited, but could we get a full team? Well yes. The old Moore cousins stitched (Captain for the day) Martin, up like a kipper. Normally subdued Tucker even piped up before we ran out (toss lost, “we’ll field 2nd” – work that one out), “I think you’ve f’d up Ade”, but NO…the post-it note is the arbiter of fact….
12 men went over the top of the boundary rope but only 1 returned…to the bar, to lament on 3 possible speeding fines from the “sowf” to arrive 12th man in the nick of time. Bottle of choice to the Chairman me thinks.

Once the laughter died down, suitably chastened, the only response was for the skip to bowl in tandem with Sharif. 10-0 off 4 overs was a decent retort.
The great thing about late August and the end of the mid-week season, is that there are sub plots aplenty. Mid-week bowler and batsmen awards were up for grabs. No one even knew that “Run-out” of the year was going to happen that night.

With a clever bowl 10 overs from each end to save time in place, the Captains lot was a very happy one, as the general slow migration of the herd to alleged previous fielding positions was un-needed. Habib and Bal in combination 1st change throttled the life out of any expansive strokes. Bal again showing young Habib the “way” with 2 fer 6 ably assisted by a smart Tucker stumping. With the talent of the AMS order in at 4, Greg Moore was offered his 1st chance of grabbing some silver (plastic)ware. 3rd ball, brilliant gather and throw….superb run out to change the game, but alas no wicket!

Sam Moore within 1 wicket of Greg was then asked to partner Dangerous Dave for an over. Sam, a couple of wides, par for course beamer followed by a wicket. Game on!…Healy takes another 2 leaving cousin Greg searching for scraps. Could this be the moment for the young pretender? Healy then wraps up another W supported the ever wryly Dr Rob Green 0-5 with an exhibition of control,interspersed with very wrong uns’.
Gavar and Harris then entwined looping down 24 balls with 28 runs garnered for the purchase of 2 wickets. An excellent catch by the clubs leading Grrrr errrr, Sharif to show the young pups how to play. Cometh the hour, cometh the Moore….Greg as it was to be for this season. Another catch for Sharif and the prize was realised.! A drop kick for 4 off Sam’s bowling should be erased from all records….
A restriction to 104 was a quality effort from all.

A Tombola style batting order then ensued. Perhaps allowing young Habib to help folding the tickets was not the best idea. Habib at 4 with Sam M at 5 seems mathematically impossible? Luckily with Bal offering his number 3 berth to Rich Harris in exchange for the number 11 ticket….good man, parity ensued. Tucker at 10 looked at life slightly differently, however he had already accumulated 209 @ 52, so was officially untouchable.

Our resident Chelsea (Kante) supporter Gav and heady heights Greg Moore opened up. Both scored 4 without troubling the 6-O-Meter. However with only 4 runs separating our simply superior Rich and Sam, this was going to go down to the wire. Harris not only took advantage of Bals generosity, he rammed it home with vigour. 3 fours and 2 sixes in an award winning knock The last ball 6 did the monster mash way over the graveyard. FFS…huge.

Habib offered a totally different angle on scoring runs, Chinese cuts, toe stubs and Swedish swipes were the order of the day. 16 well garnered runs. If Sam Moore had ever entered a more nervy 20 minutes, I want to know about it. 24 off 17 tells you a lot about this man. Needing just 2 to win mid- week bat of the year, how about charging and missing? Ok once, but twice?

Falling just one run short but going for the big 6 when only a glance was needed. Welcome to the Moseley Arms Fitmen. You’ve found your club my friend.

Dave Healy 8, Dr Green 6 and Sharif 4 brought the game home.
Tear in the eye for the end of another mid-week season.
Monday night Badminton starts Oct for hand eye.