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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Thu 30 / 6 / 2016 Whitehall Wanderers Away Won by 9 wickets. Oppo 149-3. Old Mo 153-1.


Hats off to Terrific Team Effort

Surely this has to be - sorry Feckenham - the best ground of the year as away fixtures go? Lightening fast outfield despite gallons (for you remain voters; litres) of rain, blue bails and a bar serving a selection of light refreshments from the off. The Bi-annual hat wearing event now set in stone (quick sand) again went down with varying degrees of success. Try and spark a flicker of "fun" into people’s lives and see what you get. Wig wearing, bonnet donning,umbrella hatted Fitmen we are. (nt)

With warnings of rain, (surprise, surprise) on the horizon a normal T20, 2 overs per bowler, retire at 25 was arranged. Barnet Green inserted. Game on.

Only 4 wickets fell (one of those a comical run-out) in an absolute run fest. What a night to be a bowler? The boundary rope was a mere 40M in every direction. Enter stage right the Whitehall opener to deliver an utterly superb 28 off not many at all. Fair play. Rich Harris asked to open the bowling pitched fractionally short mullered for 13 off his first. When Sharif then went for 12, shit the bed 25-0 off 2, it was like we were playing ourselves at our brutal best.

Thank god for the 25 and retire rule because a 38 ball 100 was on the cards…Sanity prevailed as normal people strode to the crease. Messers Rob Nutt and Jones would suggest it was their tight lines which brought the run rate back down a tad, but I’d suggest Tucker delivered a quite exceptional stumping to strengthen the Fit-resolve off the bowling of Jonesy – down leg side, blue bails whipped off impeccably
Catches win matches. Great bits of fielding impress all. Having a good 'keeper saves 20 runs.

The normally reliant Ralphie seemed off kilter following a finger injury, but our resident soothsayer Habib of Torquay delivered 2-0-8-1 wearing very fetching Mr Happy pants over whites (ffs Daz – stop trying to over embellish hat day), with an excellent catch by Jonesy on the boundary to give Habib a wicket. The combination of Bal and Howarth is enough to moisten the palate of any….thing. But after throwing up two vegetable products, Howarth seemed to remember how good he actually can be and rattled down 2 overs for only 7 at a really important time.

Moore and Martin finished off the final 4 overs but a total of 149 did seem quite daunting. A good effort by the Wanderers. Special fielding award goes to Habib of Torquay who shelled a reasonably SIMPLE catch at mid-on, but luckily said dropped batsmen didn’t then go on to smash another 20 runs. Special walk if you are out award goes to the Mr E. But less said about that the better….

Quick Roy Hodgson team talk later and a batting line up never ever tried before ambled out to the crease.
Disconbobulated Ralph out chipping cheaply was the only Fitman officially out. Chris heady heights Jones delivered what his skipper asked of him – a 20 ball 25 retire, thank you very much.

Leicester City FC were 5000-1 to win the Prem.
Elvis being found alive 5000 -1.
Britain leaving the EU – 10-1
England losing to Iceland 6-1.
An Elvis-Foxes-Brexit-Iceland four fold = 600m to 1
Richard Harris 30 runs off 16 balls
Sam Moore 30 runs off 16 balls
Wides 30 with the only better strike rate
Then add in the % chance of Howarth not hitting a boundary in a 23 ball 24
Realms of the gods.
Rob (slippy shoes) Nutt wade in with 6 off 3 to bring the game to conclusion.
Chasing down 150 in 15.
If theres’ one thing you need to know about Hat night…
No one talks about…..H N