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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 1 / 6 / 2016 Avoncroft CC Away Won by 66 runs. Old Mo 190-4. Oppo 124-8.


Records tumble in Stoke Prior Showdown

Some opted to sink pre match pints in the Ewe and Lamb public house, others brought Quality bottled ales with them for the longish journey to Stoke Prior. A small group even stretched hamstrings in readiness for a game with our friendly opposition of Avoncroft.
A strong looking Fit XI team post-it-note stuck on the dressing room wall showed quality throughout. We would need it with the 2 overs per player, retire at 25 and no LBW rule in place. Further rule addendums of “if it hits the tree it’s 4” and if you reverse sweep you are out, added to the evening’s entertainment levels. No mention was made of hitting electrical wires or bowling double bouncing dross, but hey, if we’re one thing, the Fitmen are flexible (ish).

A pathetic shout of heads (south Birmingham for god’s sake) meant that we were inserted to bat. With Mo late due to a very important meeting and Dave Berman also caught in traffic, the respective talents of Bice (Vice) and Moore (Sam) were asked to trundle out. Neither had been in the hamstring stretching advance party, so decided to deal only in boundaries. Bice, dot dot, 6 and Sam dot,4,4, dot started the innings nicely.

Sam Moore (distant cousin of Greg) feasted on some irregular bowling to post an impressive 25 off just 11 balls with 5 boundaries. Two late cuts for 4 stick in the memory. Vice not to be outdone, didn’t time the ball quite as nicely but still retired on 26 soon after. Harris n Howarth then came together which is what we all want to see, but Harris was on some sort of perverted Reverse sweep a-thon and was bowled at the 2nd time of asking. Si sauntered to 17 before succumbing allowing Mo and Habib to enter the fray.

Now if Mo is cultured, (27 off 15 with 2 maximums) young Habib is agri-cultural (28 off 19 with 5 4’s). Silky, stylish and talented. A lovely knock by Mo. Brutal, Heaving and carving. Equal value for money from our Torquay destroyer. With the score rattling along at a heady pace, the Cuprinol skinned skipper came and went for 9 without a whimper. 150 on the board and not to be outdone by his younger cousin, Greg came in and blitzed 25 off just 10 balls with 2 maximums and 2 4’s. The club website SIX ometer was working overtime.
Dave Berman got the crowd roar of the night following his “Willow” 9 ball duck – a delightful on-drive reminding us of the talent we all know is there. Ex Leicester City goalkeeper, Biff then came in to delight the assembled masses with some sublime swishing and Buster Keaton style running. This is what we pay our 5 quid subs for surely? 190 off 20 - a midweek record and 5 batsmen retire on 25+, a quite superb effort.

With adrenaline levels running high, the decision to let Bal and Harris open the bowling was questionable. Bal having not had a bat (and fit again following a serious spinal injury) was eager to get into the game. Minimal back warm up done and whoosh one of the openers was back in the hutch following a huge skied caught and bowled. It would be disingenuous to say that Bal would have dropped similar chances off anyone else’s bowling, but this 60 foot steepler was never going down. Harris not chastened in the slightest by his ridiculous batting display, bowled well (down leg side) and was rewarded with the scalp of the other opener. Game on.
First change. Let’s keep the pressure on. Bice and Habib do your stuff. Bicey 1-15 kept his side of the bargain, but then Pickey had some sort of “Spiderman” moment where he couldn’t quite release the ball. “WTF is going on?” has to be the line of the night. 2 very long overs later and thank god he could walk away with his fantastic 28 at batting, because lets’ not even open up the Pandora’s box of fielding technique (use zee hands Darren).

Sam and Si then applied to breaks to effectively win the game allowing only 6 an over when 10 was needed. Dave Berman delivered a quite superb 2 overs yielding only 5 runs. Greg with orders of “get some wickets” for the Christmas awards dinner obliged with 3 fer 7, but let us not forget our very own Bert Trautmann, AKA the Biff. I asked him earlier in the evening if he knew what backing up was? To which he replied, Yes, sort of, but if it involves running forget it. Genius.

Not so when our erstwhile ‘keeper decides to bowl off a 15 pace run up. 5000-1 is the price you can still get for Biff to be the clubs leading wicket taker come the end of the season. Another tidy couple of overs and yet another wicket and whispers of “doing a Leicester” can still be heard.
Any one fancy a bet?