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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Thu 5 / 5 / 2016 Whitehall Wanderers Away Won by 9 wickets. Oppo 111-9. Old Mo 112-1.


...and they’re off

Whitehall Wanderers 111-9; Fitmen 112-1

Fitmen win by 9 wickets

Summer arrived finally as the FitEleven chassed up to The Barnt Green Inn to empty their pockets at an eye-watering £4:05p a pint for Aspulls. Surely the most expensive pre-match venue of the summer……..The White Swan in Harborne will no doubt be the main competition later in the season.

Sunny, warm – this is more like cricketing weather. Barnt Green CC was looking like a picture (as always) and a negotiated toss saw the hosts inserted under the usual Whitehall rules (retire at 25, 2 overs a bowler and no LBWs).

The performance in the field was pretty much everything the first 3 matches of the season weren’t – catches taken, fielding almost faultless and competition for the run outs. The bowlers (all 10 of them in this format) responded magnificently to the support received. When all 10 economy rates are substantially below double figures on a track that bats well, the gods are definitely hinting at a maiden victory of the season.

Open the bowling with a couple of tight ones (3 runs off the first 4 overs) plus saving the right death bowlers means you can probably hide the part timers in the middle – except it was difficult to work out who the part time bowlers were.

The Fitmen turned round with a target of 112 and bearing in mind recent years have seen 180+ chased down here, it should be a formality…………..and it was.

Impatience from Sharif who Klopped his way to 22 lead to him being the hosts’ only victim. The Gifted One and The Gobby One slotted maximums before retiring and then…Commeth the hour cometh The Pear to make his season’s debut. Together with Nutt R the pear saw the Fitmen home with half a game to spare.

Unofficial Man of the Match …………..team effort.

TC : Footnote - Harris's last hoick did clear the boundary but was incorrectly given as a 4 instead of 6, so 29 off 7 at SR of 400+ must be club record? Could have threatened the 16 ball fifty if allowed but that's a shame about the retire at 25 rule.