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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 13 / 7 / 2016 Birmingham Libraries Home (YW) Won by 6 wickets. Oppo 162-6. Old Mo 164-4.


Fitmen 164-4 beat Birmingham Libraries 162-6 by 6 wickets

‘Fit captain for the night’ Sam L. arrived at the Grave Yard and after a quick inspection of what looked like another belter of a track - coupled with a ‘smashingly' short boundary on the car park/adjacent housing estate side (more on this later…) he decided that batting first and amassing 180+ would be the best way forward…!! At 6pm the oppo only had 2 players while we had 10 with Brother Nutt racing down the M40 to join in the fun…At 6.15pm numerous Fit discussions about ‘claiming the toss’ took place until 'Stand-in-Captain-Pete-the-Librarian' confidently informed me that ‘6 or 7 were well on their way’.

After a hastily arranged toss out on the square Pete called heads correctly and the Librarians of Birmingham unsurprisingly opted to bat first with ‘tee-off’ notionally penciled-in for either 6.30pm ish or whenever 'Sharif Stallone’ was to come into the Fit attack (!)

James Hendry (of Fit fame against Lapworth early-season) strode to the wicket and Greg Moore was entrusted with the somewhat-old-new-ball. Greg steamed in from the golf course end and his extra yard of pace caused the openers problems. (Excellent figures of 4 overs 1-15 including the rare appearance of a T20 Maiden!!) Bal opened up from t’other end but it was Greg who struck first blood with a slower-ball bouncer sticking in the pitch and causing James to mis-time his drive which looped harmlessly up into the ‘safe hands’ of Darren ‘Habib of Torquay’ at the edge of the circle. One opportunity given - One catch taken!! Much Fit whooping and hollering ensued and Daz’s early catch set the tone for an improved fielding performance by the Fit Men (N.B. We actually caught 3 and only dropped 3 this week…)

On the subject of catching the other Librarian opener decided he would try and reverse-sweep Brother Nutt’s medium pacers…This was an interesting ploy to say the least and resulted in him skying one to the aforementioned Sharif who was running in from third man. Sadly for ‘Sly’ and the Fit Men the catch went down… Cries of ‘Adrian!!!’ rang out but the skipper decided to throw the ball to ‘Our Kid’ with the hope that he would make amends and re-create some of the magic of his recent club record 8 wicket haul…

What followed was positively ‘SMASHING’ as the diminutive opener went ‘BEZERK’ and for a brief spell it was literally raining sixes at Yardley Wood Road!! One of the Postman’s more flighted deliveries (i.e. a full toss) was carted over the smaller leg-side boundary thus clattering through the bedroom window of a nearby resident’s house. This was of course an unfortunate accident!! (more to follow…) However the pyrotechnics continued with Sharif finishing with ‘expensive’ figures of 2 overs 0-41.

‘Brother Nutt’ continued to toil away from the other end and was finally rewarded when he bowled said opener and picked up another wicket to stem the flow of runs. With no scoreboard in operation the captain was receiving regular updates from the boundary and it looked like we might be chasing somewhere close to 180-200…Cometh the man cometh the hairdresser! With Ade’s ankle causing him grief the captain made an inspired bowling change by throwing the ball to the ‘Gifted One’ Richard Harris. Rich bowled an excellent spell picking up regular wickets and in doing so keeping the run rate under control (4 overs 3-25). Sam ‘Mr Cricket’ Moore was as reliable as ever from the Golf course end leaving the final death overs (19 & 20) to be shared by the skipper and the economical Harris.

Just as the Fit Leader was about to begin his over of looping yorkers 'an irate lady stopped play’. Having inspected the damage to her window she clearly needed to let off some steam on the Fit Men and who better to help her than our very own lothario and leading wicket taker - Mr Sharif???!! To paraphrase the great Robert Nesta Marley would she ‘Shoot the Sharif’ at boundary’s edge or would this ‘Smooth Operator’ use all of his diplomacy skills to pay homage to the Good Friday agreement of 1998??!! Thankfully, in the most part, the latter ensued and there was a ‘ceasefire' of sorts - both off and on the pitch….Literally as it turned out as when play finally resumed some 5 minutes later the skipper ‘joined the dots’ and somehow managed to bowl the penultimate over for a miserly 2 runs. Perhaps the Librarian ‘tale-enders(!)’ were still dazed and confused by the shattering events in da Yardley 'hood??!

Anyhow the oppo finished on 162-6…Quite a remarkable turn around by all accounts and, buoyed by the tight last 5 overs or so of the innings, the team felt that it was a very gettable target indeed with a shade above 8 an over required for Fit victory.

With a long batting line-up that England would be proud of, Simon strode purposefully to the crease with Ade who had been given a ‘pinch-hitting’ role and the license to ‘tee-off’ by the skipper. Si played a couple of lovely late dabs past backward point and with the ‘Leicester City Super Fan’ cracking boundaries with ease we had coasted to 17-0 from 2 overs…

Unfortunately Ade looked to be in some discomfort in running between the wickets and he duly requested a runner which the oppo kindly agreed to. The captain donned his pads and IPL style-cap and somewhat predictably, a run-out of truly ‘Village’ proportions soon followed…Cricket is actually quite complicated when you have three players from the batting team out there in the middle!! Sadly amongst all the ‘YES!!/NO!!’ confusion Simon was dismissed bringing the aforementioned Hairdresser to the wicket. Rich doesn’t like to hang about and a strike rate of a mere 237.5 (19 off 8 with 3 x 4 and 1 x 6) continued our dominance above the required rate. ‘WASP’ would surely have soared up during the ‘Powerplay’ in the direction of a Fit Win!!

With some alarming rain now falling at the Grave Yard ‘Tuckkkkeeeerrrrrr’ and Ade put on a splendid 3rd wicket partnership with regular boundary hitting. Having been dropped by Pete behind the stumps Mr Martin was determined to ‘cash in’ and after surviving two stumping chances he eventually perished for a fine jug-avoiding 43 off 32 balls (7 x 4).

‘Habib’ came and went quickly at Number 5 (all part of his cunning plan!) leaving Sam M (22* in an attractive cameo from 15 balls with 4 x 4 Land Rover) and Tucks (an entertaining 36* from 27 with 4 x 4 Jeep) to bring the Fit Men comfortably home with a full 2 overs to spare…

WHAT AN EPIC WIN…Fantastic team effort by everyone in what was a very eventful evening that will live long in the memory!!