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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 22 / 6 / 2016 The Village Home (YW) Won by 5 wickets. Oppo 96 Old Mo 99-5.


The Sledge is on the other foot.

Finally, a dry Wednesday…The fact that two of the most prodigious Fitmen drinkers had failed to bring their purses/wallets with them, didn’t dampen the spirits at all. With England and Wales safely into the knock out stages, half an eye was turned to the other home nation heroics on the new club house 32 inch non-plasma HND TV. The other half eye (if that is possible) could not be dragged from the ensuing heroics on the pitch of newish Fit-Legend in the making S.Moore, but more of that later.

A particularly “sticky dog” of a track greeted the 9 Fitmen who had managed to avoid the traffic to arrive on time. The fact it was the 2nd longest day of the year calmed the skippers nerves knowing that play could continue well past 9.
Our old friend Rick Bowel seemed in fine spirits when upon winning the toss inserted the Village to bat. Good luck with that on a low bouncing seaming nightmare of a strip. Local knowledge prevailed as it was fantastic to see Thommo back on the roller preparing the dank and murky mud, muttering “what the F as Ollie done to this”. Nirvana.

Harris (sore Mirkin) was replaced at late notice by Ian Nutt (TY Nutterrr) but with brother Rob Nutt (M5) delayed, Monty Martin (9) made his 2nd appearance for the Fitmen for a couple of overs in the field. More of that to come son.

Opening up, Greg realised after 3 balls what was needed, cut his run up to 5 paces and bowled the perfect just short of a length, impossible to get away 24 ball (1-6) Bagging the opener, a miserly start. Perfect. Jonesy bowled the number 3 with a beauty and we were at the races. Skipper “Hot pants” Martin sniffing deep heat in the air and cheap wickets then came on to trap the other opener out cheaply.
Rob Nutt fuming from M5 congestion was next on to sling down a couple unlucky not to get a W, but when Sharif uncharacteristically was smazzed for a few boundaries, it was time to change things up. What best but to ask your Wicket keeper for the night (2 drops and a missed stumping ((sharp chance)) ) to whip off the old pads and have a bowl? Turned out to be the turning point. What followed next cements young (ish) Sam’s place in the annuls of Fitmen history. Now there’s swinging Yorkers and then there’s lethal head high beamers but our Sam decided that a Beemer should obviously be followed by a wicket as if to apologise to the batsmen for being out of order. Doing it twice is coincidence, but 3 times..come on.

Finishing with a career first 5 fer 14 was simply brilliant. Backed up by 3 very tidy overs by Bal with a wicket to boot, meant that the Village were restricted to just 95 runs from their 20.

Fielding excellence award must go to Ian Nutt who bagged an extremely important catch on the boundary to snag the dangerous Village number 5. If that catch had gone down (like a few others) then it could have been a very different game.

Fresh from his quality knock at the weekend, Chris Jones was more surprised than anyone to be asked to open with Mo. Changing room orders to get on the front foot seemed to evade Mo who was nearly out first ball. Swishing a couple of balls later Mo was surprisingly out for single digits. Then when Jonesy was out repeat swishing for 5 soon after, the nerves were a jangling.

The Village banter levels were now set to “High”. With Si Howarth taking the brunt of the verbal’s the last thing the village needed was Habib Pickering at the crease. Habib took one look, decided that his verbal jousting skills were needed back at the pavilion and very unselfishly “shouldered arms” and was bowled for 1. Sharif then shambled in for a wildfire blitzkrieg 3 off 14 before being out stumped. The wobble was quite literally on.

Rick Bowel probably shot himself in the foot in this match by barracking Si so much. Having known this gentle, sociable, affable, lovely chap for a few years now, my advice is don’t EVER rile this man as he will surprise you. Now I wasn’t personally expecting an innings of such flexibility and subtlety but what this reporter witnessed quite literally brought tears to the eyes. Groin tearing sweeps, calf ripping cover drives (through mid-wicket), hamstring pulls for 6. When only 96 was needed, a Hot Gossip/Pans People Disco innings of 28 was just the ticket. Surely his 50th party dancefloor performance was the perfect warm up.

Finally out Gazumped attempting a lotus position hoick off middle stump, this allowed Greg to get on the front foot and run some all important quick singles to calm all the nerves to the whistled tune of the great escape.
There was just time for Man of the Match, wicket keeping, 5 wicket taking, general all round nice guy, Sam Moore to enter the fray to deliver a brutal (Hawk inspired) 35 runs off just 15 balls with a mighty match winning 6 over the trees.

A few beers. A few laughs. All home nations through. A life time 1st 5 fer. What more can you ask?