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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 7 / 8 / 2016 Wednesbury CC Home (BP) Lost by 82 runs. Oppo 212-9. Old Mo 130


Wednesbury 213-9, Fitmen 130 all out
Fitmen lose by 82 runs

A warm welcome back to the holidaying Fixture Secretary beckons after a hectic fixturegate-week.

First up was Thursday’s game of hokie cokie oscillating between Avoncroft, Barnt Green and Feckenham before AMS agreed to visit The Graveyard (and liked it so much they’d like to come again next season).

Then it turned out that Sunday’s slated oppo were mainly rounding up donkeys on the Costas so on Thursday morning declared they couldn’t make it. That left the fixture bureau….and a stroking of the chin by the CFO who confirmed we usually only pay the subscription 3 years in arrears. So you (don’t) pays your money and (don’t) have any choice…………but grateful we were for Staffordshire Premiership Wednesbury 2nd XI to step into the breach.

A 1pm start (agreed with the original oppo – presumably Spanish Beach Time) carried over to the Black Country clash to avoid confusing FitTypes ……………..and a full XI including Horatio with his prosthetic leg were twirling and driving in the sparkling new nets a full 15 minutes before kick-off…………..and were still there an hour later. A comms breakdown (with the visitors expecting a 2pm start) saw a home mutiny narrowly avoided around 1:30.

Just to cap of the chaos, Capt. Chaos (see tea summary) lost the toss after a full hour of practising and it was time for some FitFielding.
A game of about 5 quarters meant a steady start for the visitors (Jonesy 4-1-17-0 & Sharrif’s 8-0-56-3…..got a bit of tap early and late) as the coped with Curtley’s variable bounce (trademark Thommo surface). The miserly chairman then tied up an end (8-1-13-2) and got rid of the dangerous opener with a stunning gully catch from Ralphie. Ade (7-3-10-1) had probably his best bowl of the season and at the break 80 from 20 over was a quarter well done.

The second quarter was different as the England version of Chris Tavare morphed into the Kent one-day version. After Skipper’s (4-0-25-0) dramatic mid over (technically mid over given it was his 3rd ball but all three were wides so in reality start of the over) collapse and self-diagnosed cruciate ligament snap*, a re-shuffle was required.

Keeper swap (Tucks to Tom) and Mo (6-1-39-2) to ‘finish’ Ralphie’s over. You could now see the plan shaping……………..with Skipper off the field Tuckerrrrr (3-0-25-1) spotted an opportunity to be a bowler. Whilst no-one is particular got spanked, the first 20 overs involving the full time pro-bowlers conceded 80, the second 20 resulted in 133.

A target of 213 was not beyond a good looking batting line up.

Tea……………..mainly involved the entire ‘crisps and snacks’ aisle from Aldi, some mini wieners and pork pies sliced wafer thin. The sandwiches were fine (tuna drained and cucumber inserted……….but NOT SLICED ) just rationed to about 2 each. Come back Raj & Sunny…………we missed you(r teas).

The home-made bar was getting in to swing, victory was beckoning down the road at Edgbaston and the opening pair of Tom (29) and Gav (8) were looking good. What could go wrong?

Well 30-1 quickly became 34-4 including a hat-trick (Messrs Mo, Dave T & Horatio). Not a great deal happened after that apart from Jonesy’s safe looking 17 and Tuckerrr’s fine 27 (tipping him over the 500** for the season mark). The rest was a bit of a non-event as the home side whimpered to 130 all out.

Still, the oppo seemed to enjoy their day out and Little Joe’s visit to A&E after his impression of Flat Stanley mercifully resulted in an ‘all clear’. All to play for…………Happy Hour at Wavis from 4pm Tuesday night.

*Miracle cure as Ralphie recovered to bat and knock up 13 quick singles.
** Just checked....actually on 488 but near enough!