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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 5 / 8 / 2015 Avoncroft CC Away Tied Old Mo 59-2. Oppo 143-7.


(Jack) Duckworth/Lewis (Carroll) settles it at Avoncroft.
Avoncroft 143-7; Fitmen 59-2 after 5.3 overs (match abandoned – rain).

Technically a ‘no result’.............but more fun with D/L in which case we won!

Shefali spread despondency with her 4pm bulletin warning the FitTravellers to expect biblical downpours by the time they reached Bromsgrove. This proved pretty much unfounded as the rain bearing clouds skirted the field adjoining Bromsgrove School for much of the evening.

They damp did arrive eventually – 5 overs into the second innings causing an early (and dark) end to the game, but crucially leaving the mid-week side unbeaten with two matches to go.

The game itself was one of the more interesting this season..............

Much discussion about the toss was settled when Ralphie claimed he won the toss and elected to field.......and would have fielded if he’d won the toss anyway.......err? He also announced he’d agreed to a ‘Whitehall Wanderers’ game of 10 bowlers, no LBW and retire at 25.

Under interrogation the skipper insisted there were no other secret pacts made in the middle to spring upon the team and so opened with Bal. 3rd ball and the first wicket saw the hosts opener snaffled well by a sprinting [? ....you sure...Ed] Chairman at deep mid-on. Thanks Bal, take a rest.

Mo, whose twirling had only been witnessed in net conditions to date, came on at the top end and got a wicket first ball and was then also given a rest. It turned out that the Ralph/Moore axis was determined to make a record 18 bowling changes during the evening .............with everyone having two spells of one over to avoid burn out.

The dismantlement of the Avoncroft top order continued as Green and Lockyer joined in the fun. At one stage it looked like it would be all over before 7, but some Blunt hitting restored normality and the short leg side boundary took some stick.

The rest of the innings was fairly ‘normal’ for a T/20 and a target of 143 sounded a little light, but could have been much lower. Highlights included a hat-trick of catches by the sprightly Tuckerrrrr (re-juvinated following a tin anniversary binge in and around Temple Bar), two in two from Bal (who’ll be on a hat trick first ball on Sunday).

Extreme meanness (4 off 2 overs) in Sharif’s 124th and 125th over of the season and an exemplary solo ‘pas de deux*’ from Dame Bice. The latter, promptly made up for it with a sharp catch off Greg.....helped by Oligarcus Loci’s directions of ‘It’s behind you’. [I made the latin bit up to sound smart - Sub Ed]

A quickish turnaround in the re-modelled clubhouse (courtesy of a £45k donation by a local widower whose husband was a regular spectator) saw the newly energised Tuckkerrrr doing an impression of Billy No Mates in the middle. After finishing numerous simultaneous conversations on the boundary. Mo eventually joined him. During the first (maiden) over Mo’s convincing impression of being a batting novice fooled most of the hosts.

Over two made up for the zero run rate with 17 clubbed by Mighty Tucks and the late developer Mo - who suddenly remembered which way up the bat was. The pair sped the score along to 37 before the first wicket in over 4. Ralphie played a two shot cameo for 8 before perishing and Greg clubbed a 4 before the rain came down. 59 off 5.3 and that was that.

*Foot Note: In ballet, a pas de deux (French, literally "step of two") is a dance duet in which two dancers, typically a male and a female, perform ballet steps together. The pas de deux is characteristic of classical ballet and can be found in many well-known ballets, including Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, and Giselle