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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 2 / 8 / 2015 Christchurch Cricket Club Away Won by 10 wickets. Oppo 177-4. Old Mo 178-0.


On the road again.............Fitmen administer last rites to Christ Church
Christchurch 177-4 off 40 overs
Fitmen 178-0. Old Mo win by 10 wickets

An emergency ‘en route - all Fitmen text’ to source the captain’s trousers provided a short list of Nutters Batting Flares (left behind on gash day??) or Bice’s white Adidas yoga pants. The former were selected (fortunately) and the crisis was averted.......game on.

The warmest afternoon of the year in the delightful village of Alvechurch saw the pre-match toss determine the course of the game. Heads in North East Worcestershire was always doomed – and so the Fitmen were invited to field.

An eager Mo aiming for 1000 runs in the season would have to wait until Sharif, shooting for 150 overs, had his go. But first up was a return to a ‘traditional’ opening pair of Sunny & Ralph.

The pitch looked flat and with a fast outfield a decent score was expected to be posted. Whilst Sunny (7-0-38-1) struggled with his run up (claiming sand dunes, mountain ranges and general undulating approach) Ralphie (8-0-22-1) was on the money from the off. Some leakage from the school end gave the hosts a boundary an over but by the time Ralphie sent the bail 15 metres back the damage was only 25.

First drinks at 15 overs saw a score of 77-1 and it would be (surely?) a case of graft up to 25 overs then give it a blast. But the assault never came............whether this was down to the bowling or the batsmen we would only find out after tea. Was it more difficult to score than it looked?

A fine 88 from the Christ’s Church opener saw him complete his anchor role and carry his bat. However there was little in the way of support other than the number 3 who turged a patient 31 before the chairman disturbed his middle stump. That was really about it.

Raj (5-0-27-0) gave hints of a return to form, but included a couple of gimmies an over and Sharif (8-0-40-1) gurned away and was rewarded with his 26th wicket of the season. Bal (4-1-10-0), stung by accusations of ‘dibbly dobbliness’ midweek gave a master class in guile and flight .....and probably deserved more.

The chairman (8-1-37-1) served up his usual apart from heat exhaustion in over 6 gifting 10 runs. At one stage Help the Aged was put on alert as a combined century of experience worked the 22 yards from both ends.

The out fielding was top notch with Nelly doing a ‘nothing shall pass’ impression whilst Herr Bice was attracting the ball like flies round a [‘insert word’ Ed]. Generally the latter was patrolling the cover boundary (keeping a good 30 metres from the play area at all times) or deep mid-on, nothing got through him and returns were pretty much over the stumps. Just as well he was enjoying himself ‘cos he wasn’t going to get a bat.

Smashy and Nicey opened for the Fitmen reply................and came back 20 overs later. Tom (76 off 69) was first to 50, but Mo put the pedal down and ended on 98 off 50. If only the gently festering middle and late order had thought to let him know that a 6 instead of a 4 off the final ball would have done it.

Bice at 3 got pad rash and skipper at 4 had dry trousers by the time the first pair returned victorious.

Sharif declared the tea a great success and T*atchers on draft can’t be wrong when the visitors finally unlocked the clues as to how to order.............err – ask?!
Next up.................Avoncroft on Wednesday and then (if the mid-week record is still intact) the week after is difficult to predict.

PS Free tickets available for Wednesday’s 50 over cup compy at Edgbaston. See Mo or Bal.