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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Thu 30 / 7 / 2015 Whitehall Wanderers Away Won by 6 wickets. Oppo 117-7. Old Mo 119-4.


England take inspiration from Fitmen

Whitehall Wanderers 117-7; Old Mo 119-4
Fitmen win by 6 wickets

Another mystery toss and Corporal Ralph dragged the hundred percenters onto the delightful outfield at Barnt Green. It really is a marvellous ground.....particularly when bathed in sunlight on the eve of an Ashes win at Edgbaston. The Pears flag fluttering gently by the gate seemingly oblivious to the latest hiding meted out by the White Rosers, and the largest contingent of away fans for some time crammed into the grandstand.

Oli had sauntered down the hill for the 2nd of his traditional two match a season spell, debutant Sam had been through the experience of a pre-match pep talk summarising the merits of vintage Audis, and Dave was raring to repeat his form having played a scoring shot the previous week.

A selection of the more celebrated hundred percenters were safely abroad or otherwise engaged as a somewhat unrecognisable side from the early season encounter against Whitehall took to the field. Of course there was some consistency as Sherriff pushed in to his second century of overs for the season............and still in July.

Debutant Sam and Mr Birman were ambushed/flattered to be opening the bowling. The more seasoned campaigners new what would be next as the hosts opener scored his traditional 25 not out in less than two overs ably assisted by Petr Cech’s tip over the bar at cow corner.

Uncle Rob came and went before his nieces could witness the heroics...........Si was back to his touring best (didn’t bowl one too many) and gradually (as usual) the focus was dragging the run rate back down. Successes for Oli (2-1-5-2) and the outstanding swinger from Torquay (2-0-2-2) meant that the target was likely to be less than the usual 150+.

Bal did his dibblies, the catches were taken, 9 stumpings were attempted by Humpage-Lite, the run out hit and a tight bit of death bowling from the corporal and the chairman meant a distinctly flimsy total of 117 was the result.

Tensions heightened as the virgin bat was eased from its sheath..............the grandstand shivered with expectation. Ralphie clubbed his way to the 25 (s/r 140) retirement mark that included a few cultured drives for good measure - though his fellow opener perished cheaply.

Commeth the hour, commeth the Uncle............15 at 63 on the bat’s debut was satisfactory and a portent of what may yet come. With Horatio viewing from the crow’s nest urged on by a portly version of President Wojciech Jaruzelski, Napoleon pulled up the anchor and reached his maximum at s/r 89. Debutant Sam looked more impressive with every ball seeing the Fitmen home with a handy 18 at s/r 125.

A fine performance................and one to keep the pressure on next week’s mid-week captain.........just 3 mid weekers left and a P12 W12 to defend!

Footnote: Known winners of the 'free pair of tickets for the Ashes' on Day 1 included: Will, Tom H, Tom H's brother, Marcus, Greg, Andy Tarr. Winners of the pair of tickets for the Saturday included (probably more?) Tom C .... after England's win on Friday these were kindly traded by Marstons for a pair of tickets and free beer for the T/20 finals day! Any other Fitmen get 'Saturday' tickets?