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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 22 / 7 / 2015 The Sportsmen Away Won by 9 wickets. Oppo 111-6. Old Mo 113-1.


Sportsmen snookered at The Dirty Duck
Sportsmen 111-7, Fitmen 113-1. Fitmen win by 9 wickets

Just days after a thumping in Aldridge, the Fitmen roared to success on the Harborne Handkerchief.

Captain Ralpher lost the toss and said he chose to field.............work that one out. Anyway, field the Fitmen did.

First up was ‘Free Test Tickets’ Greg (3-0-22-0) from the Duck End working up some pace – but all you needed to be was a little short on this pitch (length, not height Bal) and it would sit up and get smacked. And once the impressive opener worked this one out, he weighed in losing the first of 8 balls (including two pinks) to disappear that night.

Fielding highlights included Mr Weed making a bold and daring vault into the Archery Butts to retrieve one and Habib generally watching life go by.

From the croquet end George Dawes (4-0-21-1), chairman of selectors, kept the victims honest. Bal (2-0-25-0) for once couldn’t calm the aggression and at 77 off 9 overs it was looking like 150 might be on the cards.

Commeth the hour cometh the Saga twins down the slope as Chairman proper (4-0-14-1) and Sharif (3-0-15-1) effectively tied up one end forcing risks at the other and slowing the run accumulation to a crawl. At one stage Sharif nipped in two slow bouncers that leapt off a length such was his mastery of meanness.

The plan (? Really??) worked as Ralphie (4-0-13-4) exploited the batters anxiety from the bottom end and ripped in. A full toss on the hat trick last ball of the day saw the jug nicely avoided.

A target of 112 felt under par but experience on the little patch over many years meant that nothing could be taken for granted. Was Nutt R going to give the virgin bat a debut? Was Habib going to get to do anything in the game? Could Birdman avoid being run out?

Ralphie used his executive authority to open the batting with ‘keeper for the evening’ Tom and after ripping past his usual 10 ball innings, blasted 45 off 35. The openers purred past 50 in 4 overs and bar a catastrophic collapse (one of The Fitmen’s specialities) it was pretty much job done.

The first wicket fell with only 40 required and the perfect opportunity for Dave to roll back the years and get some betting under his belt. At one stage it looked like he was digging in to avoid the follow on, but then it all clicked with a magnificent first boundary this century..........and a maximum version.

Whilst all the drama (or something beginning with ‘d’) surrounded his partner,’More Free Test tickets’ Tom drove, dabbed and pulled serenely. Suddenly spotting he was within touching distance of a 50, he plundered the necessary 12 off what was to be the final over.

100% in mid weekers was maintained ....and in some style. The form the top order showed indicated a higher target would also have been overhauled, but thanks to a combined century of parsimoniousness downhill, everything looked under control. A job well done.

Footnote: Aspulls £4:05; Darren 'Orchard Pig' Torquay did do something; Oppo gracious in defeat; Greg doesn't know his dots from his dashes; Rob should get a refund on his bat; Sharif considering Chas's 'retired unused' blade; Nutter's gash is glued up;