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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 24 / 6 / 2015 The Village Home Won by 8 wickets. Oppo 128 Old Mo 131-2.



So many stand out performances, this reporter cannot get his breath.

One of THE best bowling, fielding and batting performance as a Moseley Arms (recently barred) Fitman. That is apart from the shocking drop by the skipper (of all people)

Ash 4-0-10-0 against quality openers won us the game. End of. Or did it? Greg got hit for a few but then made an impossible catch look regulation.

Sharif knowing he was batting 4 ( good captaincy ?) got their main man out - again, Bal was simply....superb. Asking a spinner to bowl in over 7 and then not get hit for a boundary in 24 balls....

Oh, and then Ralphie came on and took a 4 fer and fielded superbly, but the catch from Ian Nutt at long on, again, was brilliant.

The skipper got a 3 fer tainted by THE only drop of the night.

Habib was kept in the hutch.

129 was the winning target.

Bice ORDERED to get anything over 30 delivers in style despite excellent early Village bowling.
With Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships on the horizon: Produces over head swat of no ball for 4- now known as the "Billie Jean Bice" (TM)...to be entered into "Fit Men" coaching manual November 2015.

Frost and Howarth as umpires are like having a 3rd leg (fine).

Tahir turns the game yet again by picking the pace up and for allowing and his good buddy Sharif to bring the game home.

Oh what about Tucker?

I hear you cry ?

What 62 not out? class stumping and keeping display, batting at 2 for his first T20 of the season.
True Ninja.

Unbeaten end of June.

8 more mid weeks to go