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Fixtures and Results | Match Reports

Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Thu 4 / 6 / 2015 Whitehall Wanderers Away Won by 37 runs. Old Mo 133-8. Oppo 96


"Fit Men" prevail in verdant Barnt Green

The “Fit Men”assembled at Barnt Green CC 2nd XI ground (that’s 1st left just up the lane after the main ground on the right) on a perfect early summers evening, to do battle with Whitehall Wanderers. The view that greeted all on arrival was a quintessential English cricket scene, the ground itself surrounded either side with mature trees, traditional wooden pavilion, in an elevated position overlooking an uninterrupted view of God’s Country (Worcestershire) and a pretty excessive gradient lengthways of the ground. The tranquillity was immediately shattered as George and Greg greeted all with ”wife beater” in each of their hands on the pavilion steps!

Earlier in the day Skipper Howarth was forced to re-shuffle his pack of “Fit Men Top Trumps” swapping Jonsey for Habib (aka Darren Pickering). DIY distractions accounting for Jonesy. Viv’s Nemesis also being replaced by the right handed Gower (who keeps as well, thus releasing Bice to graze in the outfield), due to a particularly virulent strain of gastroenteritis!

Skipper won the toss and batted, bringing together a premier curtain raising partnership of Moore and Martin. Accurate bowling supported by good fielding and a track giving assistance to the bowlers kept the partnership in check with Greg 1st to go, bowled for 7 @ 43.75, followed shortly after by George (14 @ 82.35). Ade having hit a straight six earlier in his innings was caught off a skier by the keeper. Trudging back up the steep incline to the pavilion he questioned the umpires interpretation of the no ball law in his usual polite demure way. Sharif was joined by Ollie (Fit Man resident of Barnt Green who lives further up the lane). First to go Ollie, bowled for 7 @ 58.33, made way for Darren Pickering who drove through the covers Graveney (Tom) like and with Sharif smote the ball merrily. Sharif finishing on a bludgeoning 28 @ 127.27, whilst Darren finished on a fine 20 @ 83.33. Tom maintained his T20 100% strike rate before being bowled for 3. Bice was hitting the ball to all parts and looking ominous before being run out inexplicably by Howarth for 19 @ 100. Bal lasted a ball, bringing into bat, strike umpire Tony, resplendent in Bals pads, gloves and bat (turning down Bal’s box) wearing a fetching pair of brothel creepers. One ball later Tony was facing and finished the innings on 5 @ 166.67 with fellow red inker Howarth 1 @ 100.

With 133 to defend, Greg steamed in from what was obviously the top end and 2nd ball castled their big hitting opener for 4, with a splendid delivery. Bottom end Sharif kept things tight bowling 2 overs for 6 runs. Top end Tone was ably assisted by a catch in the covers by Ade, finishing with 1 for 12 (1st and 4th balls sponsored by Aspalls summing 10 in total). Bal then partnered Nutt and the “Twirly Twins” kept things tight. Bal finishing with 0 for 9 and Ian 1 for 10 supported by a well judged catch on the incline of cow corner by Bice. Ollie then took centre stage with his off spin bowling the batter 1st ball, and taking a second wicket in his final over, bowled again finishing with 2 for 7. Skipper Howarth then had a go and took a wicket with a double bouncer 1st ball finishing with 2-4 (Darren taking a catch) bowling what can only be described as pure vegetable matter. Darren to the manor born bowled a truly parsimonious display of seam bowling as he bagged 2 for 4 from the bottom end. Martin and Bice finished off the bowling. Martin steaming in under the tutelage of bowling mentor Pickering finishing with 0 for 3, whilst Bice picked up the glory at the other end finishing with 1 for 8 and Whitehall Wanderers back in the pavilion for 96!

So to the 1st XI pavilion we repaired to wax lyrical over the result quench our thirst and marvel at Habib’s latest ink work which Sharif translated from Arabic calligraphy to read Torquay! Thank you to all for a fine team performance in particular an excellent bowling and fielding display!

I am sure we are all agreed Man of the Match (and evening because he won on the Arab chargers as well) goes to Habib of Torquay for his all round performance!