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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 31 / 5 / 2015 Lichfield Nomads CC Home Won by 7 wickets. Oppo 174-6. Old Mo 175-3.


Top Notch tea proves turning point.

A rather cold and blustery day greeted the masses assembled for a home fixture against the gregarious Lichfield Nomads. Despite heavy overnight rain, the “covers” had done their job and following a fine effort from Tony C rolling the old soak (er) around a bit – the match was ready to begin….when the opposition skipper (bass playing rock star) finally made it from a gig down in Weymouth. Up went the coin, tails called correctly by the bassist and the Fitmen were asked to field in the gloom.

A very hung over Sunny and skip for the day Ade Martin opened up and both bowled tightly from the off. Martin managed to have the left handed opener caught smartly by Tucker standing up. A couple of overs later and said skipper managed to move just quickly enough to gather and run-out the other opener. A great start with 2 quick wickets, but enter stage left the resident pop star with the Nomad’s keeper and the start of a harmonious but plodding 100 partnership.

Both batted well for their 66 and 67 respectively. If easy catches had been taken, (apologies to Bal and Chas) then things could have been different. As it was, Chas, bal, Sharif and Chris Jones all bowled accurately and despite the short boundary into the car park, the run rate was always kept in check. Sharif was the only member of the Fitmen Quartet to grab a wicket thanks to a well taken catch from Tom C in the deep.

Sunny and Cher were brought back on for an encore, with the Spicy King of swing grabbing 2 wickets and skipper bowling another one to leave the Nomads with a decent 174 – 6 off their 40 overs, probably 50 runs short of a good total. Excellent fielding, particularly by Tucker behind the stumps conceding no byes standing up to everyone and grabbing 2 good catches.

One of the many pleasures of representing the Old Moseley Arms “Fitmen”, concerns the pride and effort to which all members pay towards tea duties. There are the stalwarts of the team, such as Tuckers Line caught Tuna on a soft bloomer. Tom’s “special” egg mayo, Bice’s hand grated cheese selection and never forgetting Sunny’s inferno chicken wings, which are guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye over a 2 day period. With Mother Sadheva unavailable for Pakora duty, the spotlight fell on “newbie” Mrs. Mo who pulled up trees in delivering a mouthwatering home-made samosa (the very sociable oppo’ voted these as overall winners). Washed down with flagons of tea along with Crisps, Pizza, Quiche and fresh cream Victoria sponge (and raspberry cheesecake for gods sake!), what more could one ask?

Experienced Home players know to take it easy on consumption if fielding second (apart from Sharif with his personalised over-sized plate ala Alan Partridge) – but the Lichfield Nomads did gorge themselves silly and thus swing the game in the Fitmen’s favour. Who can bowl/field with over a thousand calories sloshing around in distended bellies?

The half full opening partnership of Baby Spice Bice and Tom Jones Caesar sashayed their way out to the middle. In full voice, Baby Bice quickly compiled a respectable 28 before clipping one off his legs to a grateful fielder at square leg. Tom played sensibly for his 30 before “why, why, why….miss a straight one” and was bowled by the first change Nomad bowler.

Having already flagrantly disregarded Law 19 during the Nomad’s innings, it was time for Paul Simon to skip out to the middle singing one of his favourite Metallica “songs”:
“Don't tread on me
Say don't tread on me, So be it
Threaten no more
To secure peace is to prepare for war
So be it
Settle the score
Touch me again for the words that you'll hear evermore...
Don't tread on me”
Invoking the wrath of the cricket gods (who aren’t keen on Metallica it seems) Simon then brought Law 35 into play and was out for 3.

In days gone past, the fall of a couple of quick wickets could cause consternation in the ranks, but not with the in-form talents of Mark Tucker (a real live rock star) and Mo and the Mechanics coming in at 4 and 5. Tucker with his signature leg side brutality smashed (quite literally) 4 sixes into the car park on his way to a superb 50 not out off 49 deliveries. One wing mirror and one hole in a roof later and the job was nearly done. Mo, limping to the crease for sympathy, weighed in with another 49 runs – not out, to further improve his imperious average.

175 was reached in the 30th over. A win made to look easy by some excellent batting. Good, friendly opposition. The sun did try and make an appearance over the afternon, but boy, what about that match winning tea???