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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 27 / 5 / 2015 Birmingham Libraries Home Won by 9 wickets. Oppo 150-6. Old Mo 154-1.


Mid week team unbeaten in 2015.

150 reached in 15.3 overs.

Mo and Tahir both in great form.
Sharif 2-18 when everyone else got clobbered
Who left me in charge of the bar ffs?!

You know you are becoming an old fart when discussion turns to “the good old days” of Wast Hills, where chasing a total of 100 was daunting. In 2008, if someone posted a mid-week score of 120, mumblings of “ringers” and “let’s just block from the off” could be heard echoing from the golf changing room/cupboard. This year the midweek scores have been 156, 170 and 154 – all from circa 16 overs.

Indeed, you only need to observe the steady increase of the Fitman’s benchmark “economy rate”, to see that the modern T20 game has changed. A miserly 3.8 and 3.9 per over topped the charts in 2010/11, 4.74 per over in 2014 and now 7.2 leads the way this season. Bottom line, if you like seeing good balls dispatched into the car park, then get yourself involved.

A rather grey and windswept Ashfield welcomed the numerous Birmingham Libraries team. So many that the large visitors changing room was packed to the rafters with (searching for the correct term here) an “index of librarians”? By 5.45 there were at least 14 Librarians (not being very quiet) and lo and behold in the home dressing room, a very different picture of 5 shivering Fitmen wondering who was going to keep wicket, bowl, umpire and score at the same time. Toss was lost (heads??) and the visiting captain had no doubt in making us field in the drizzle – thanks.

With Sharif un-happy with the kiddies keeping gloves, Bicey very sportingly offered to relieve Sharif of his responsibilities. What a decision that turned out to be – with possibly the best ‘keeping display of the season (only 3 byes and a smart stumping – standing up to everyone, bar Greg) – awesome.

Ash and Greg opened up and were met with an aggressive opening partnership. “See ball, hit ball, run” was the mantra and very effective it was too, racing to 40 odd off the first 5 overs before Ash bowled a full one, which was clubbed to deep square for a fine catch by Rob Nutt. Martin and Nutt were then plundered for another 30 runs in quick time, giving the visitors a daunting position of 95-1 off 10.

Cue match winning bowling change (no offence to the later batting brilliance), as the next 10 overs only went for 55 runs, swinging the game hugely back in the Fitmen’s favour. Sharif showed us all how to do it with changes of pace, angle and length to deliver stunning figures of 4-0-18-2. The big hitting opener was the key wicket, cleaned bowled by a looping wrong ‘un from Sharif – he couldn’t believe he missed it, but an excellent 77 by the oppo big man. Sharif snagged their number 3 as well, aided by a good catch in the deep by Chris Jones.

Martin and Greg closed out the final overs conceding only 8 off the last 2 overs, with Martin snagging 2 thanks to a smart stumping by Bice and the “gurn slower ball” actually working in a match! 150 for 6 when 180+ looked on the cards was a great fielding effort with bodies put on the line – you know who you are.

With the time at 7.45, the Fitmen knew they had to get on with it in the fading light. Bice and Mo started well with yet another 50 opening partnership before the ever aggressive Bice miscued one to out caught for 17. Cue batters 4 (Rob Nutt) and 5 (Greg) putting on their pads, ready for a bat? No chance. Not with both Mo and Tahir in great touch with a sack full of runs to their name already this season. The running between the wickets is at times comical. What Lord Frost would consider a scampered 3 is turned into a nearly run-out single with these 2 legends, but who needs to run 3’s when you can hit 14 4’s and 1 6 (Mo) and 5 4’s and 1 6 (Tahir).

After 10 overs we were 82-1 (behind the Librarians comparable score) but within 5 ½ short overs, the 150 target was reached.

One poor Librarian finished with 4-0-54-0, with his final over being plundered for 26 runs. A quite stunning display of batting from both. The opposition were highly complementary afterwards of Mo’s “timing” – just wait for his poorly delivered anecdotes!

Thanks again for the bar "team" - and thankyou to the oppostion for being both good company and staying behind for a few beers.