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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 24 / 5 / 2015 Leamington Lemmings Home (YW) Won by 68 runs. Old Mo 258-6. Oppo 190-4.


Old 'Uncle' Mo (and Tahir) set the tone

Old Mo Fitmen 258-6, beat Leamington Lemmings 190-4, by 68 runs

Pre-match rumblings
On arriving at the Graveyard the Fitmen were met with Thommo trimming the compulsory wicket number 3*. Grey skies and damp in the air suggested a bowl first day would be on the cards.

The toss
As the skippers strode to the middle, the track was under inspection from a handful of Fitmen. As the coin went up, these lurkers immediately sensed that the toss was lost...Oppo called Heads - Heads it was. Fitmen were inserted. We would have batted anyway had we won the toss...

With the departure of the Right-handed Gower to the home of the newly crowned winners of Eurovision, Si returned to his familiar position to accompany Old Mo in opening the Fitmen account. Instructions from the Skipperrrr included requests of Torpidity from the seasoned Pro, allowing Mo at the other end to open the shoulders.
Indeed the request was adhered to, and in resolute defence Si nicked one onto the front pad - unfortunately our now retired umpire in residence decided it was out, and Si had to trudge off in order to convalesce with the aid of some Aspalls...
Freshly placated, Si took over the umpiring duties to witness another great Fitmen partnership, this time between Mo and the incoming Tahir.
Both cut, pulled and drove superbly against anything wayward, whilst also respecting the better balls which were kept out resolutely. Mo's crowning glory was a magnificent cover drive towards the long boundary at the scorebox end. Retaining the pose, and muttering 'mmmmmmm', 'lovely shot' and 'oh, I am good...', Mo simply admired the stroke for a good 3 minutes. Quelle surprise then when the ball was hauled in just short of the boundary, and Mo and Tahir managed to just about walk 1...!
Mo's chance-less knock of 81 (14 fours; 1 six) came to an end when he pulled to deep mid-wicket and a smart catch was taken 'in the cleavage'.
T chanced his arm a little more, but gathered 13 fours and 1 six, a superb straight drive onto the adjoining fairway, in a great 92.
Skipperrrr cameoed with a quick-fire 20 including 1 four and 2 sixes (sorry Thommo...), and with Raj and Nelly driving and nurdling, the final tally was a very nice 258-6.
Veuve Clicquot moment however was the demise of Sharif. During the mammoth partnership between Mo and Tahir, our resident Postie decided to have a hit in the nets. Young Joe was slinging some down, and Sharif caught one on the bottom of his 'Boom-Boom' bat. Complete shock then as he realised the willow had split at the splice/shoulder. A request was made to borrow a blade, and Jonesy kindly offered up a very nice looking Kookaburra.
Sharif's knock consisted of Dot; Dot; One; One; One; Dot.....he needed some impetus obviously. He decided that the Kookaburra wasn't for him, and requested a replacement. Cue Mo on the sidelines, hollering and offering his bat. Sharif dallied and dithered, keeping the primed bowler waiting...finally he took the bait, and bats were exchanged. OK - surely time for some classic smash'n'grab cricket from Sharif to take the score to 280+??
Sadly not...the very next ball, wielding the new willow akin to C.Gayle, the resultant skier was smartly snaffled by cover, and that was the end of that!!

Yesssss!!! A good old FitTea was tendered which included a new challenger to the Egg Sarnie of the Year Award - forget your Free Range Cracked Black Pepper, these bad boys had Rocket and Cyder Vinegar!!
Cheese Baps, Taste the Difference Ham Salad Sarnies, Line Caught Tuna, Mini Pork Pies, Pizza & Pakora accompanied the aforementioned and with the addition of a marvellous cake selection, all and sundry were well satiated and prepared for the defence ahead.

Ash and Raj opened the defence for the Fitmen, and with Ash bowling extremely miserly from the golf course end, (unbelievable figures of 5-1-5-0), Raj had to try and protect the short leg-side boundary from the other end. With the Oppo skipper punishing anything even slightly off line or length, Raj decided to take himself off after 4-0-24-0, to be replaced by Sharif. Bal was to replace Ash at the golf course end, and between them the pair put the squeeze on in superb fashion to really swing the game in favour of the Fitmen.
Sharif's 8 quick overs went for a very respectable 35 runs, with scoring shots kept to a minimum regardless of the oppo targeting the short boundary. A well taken skier by Si accounted for a dangerous looking hitter, and Sharif was at last in the wickets again.
Bal whirled and twirled some beauties and was rewarded with the scalp of the hard hitting Oppo Skipper, bamboozled by a straight 'un which nicked the top of off. His opening partner, who was also looking in fine touch, managed to dig one out which may have been slamming into middle - massive outside edge down to third man for a cheeky single. Bal however had other ideas, and a semi-strangled, solitary appeal resulted in the Ump raising the finger of doom - LBW was the decision and, despite contention from the batter, the decision had been made and (unfortunately...as Si reminded him) could not be overturned...Bal ending with great figures of 8-1-22-2.

Chris Jones, the formerly Christened Caucasian Curtley Ambrose, or simply CJ as he is known to most Fitmen, (unfortunately, not this CJ...) was now requested by the Skipper to take on the challenging task of replacing Sharif at the City End. The task was never in doubt as Curtley gathered momentum and confidence bowling through for 8-0-31-1, the wicket being a smart caught and bowled that nearly levelled Bal at mid-wicket.

D├ębutante Joe (AKA Courtney??) was CJ's partner, and bowled extremely well to keep the run-rate in check. Bowling with pace, bounce and rhythm, 7 overs went for 56 runs, thanks mainly to Jonesy suggesting a slip for the young lad, along with the oppo batter desperately racing towards an unbeaten half-century. The figures do not do the spell justice, as the long handle came out for the final two overs.

Great bowling and fielding restricted the Lemmings to 190-4 after 40 overs - a first win for this Skipperrrrr in 2015. A great team effort all round!

Apologies (from the Double-Drop 'keeper...) must go to Ash and Joe for remaining wicketless - sorry!!

Post-match analysis
A very pleasant and friendly game, great oppo, few beers, thanks to Steve for tea/drinks/bar effort, onto Wicket No 3* next week against Litchfield Nomads.

*Footnote re: Wicket No 3
The third track in from the clubhouse has, so far this season (4 x Sunday games, 3 of which have been Fitmen victories), produced 1,662 runs for 60 wickets (@ 27.7 per wicket), with six scores of 200+. The Fitmen are averaging 32 runs per wicket, having been bowled out only once, skittling the opposition three times. The same track has facilitated five FitHalfCenturies along the way - and we're not even into June yet...