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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 3 / 5 / 2015 Coftonians Home Lost by 49 runs. Oppo 203 Old Mo 154


Inspiration from England?
Coftonians 203, Old Mo 154 all out. Fitmen lose by 49 runs.

A ‘better than average’ April gave the posse of pitch inspectors who turned up at The Graveyard at 10am some hope following overnight rain. The month had been 0.8c warmer, 50% sunnier and we’d had just 39% of average rainfall. The wicket had been covered overnight (thank you MACC 2nd XI) and the new tarpaulin had its first test.

This and the tea leaves pointed to the game being on – but it was still raining. The cover stayed on until an hour before the start, the rain had stopped and it was almost warm. Game on!

The first heartbeat was missed on spotting Raj walking up ....pakora-less! Kit bags were being re-packed but it turned out they were being collected from Mother Singh around 4pm..........

Another fabulous coin trick presented the home skipperrrr with the choice and a drying wicket meant the oppo were invited to bat first.
A welcome return to Shah (7-0-32-3) ably supported by Guy (4-0-25-0) took early control but both were to be eclipsed by the spell of the season from Ash (8-3-9-2). The Fitmen looked in control.

A heavy shower after about 15 overs saw a magnificent effort from 8 Fitmen as they almost kept the covers under control...................kind of Morris Dancing meets Benny Hill – but it worked and within 10 minutes the battle continued.

This position continued even as the pitch dried further and a total of seven FitBowlers put in decent shifts. Raj (6-0-37-1) and Bal (5-0-32-2) both kept the batters honest though freer scoring towards the end. Bal finished his spell in style with 2 in 2 in the 39th over..............on a hat trick next game!

At the end Nutterrrr (4.4-0-21-1) returned to the top of the wicket takers list with his ‘classic’...............’charge me if you like – Skipppperrrrr’ll whip ‘em off’. Decent fielding saw 4 catches taken and not much in the way of errors.

Hopes of under 200 weren’t quite achieved but the pitch looked good and the top order have barely failed this season.
Spirits were high going in for tea..............Aspulls was back at £3 after a price protest and the Desperados were cold (where were you Sunny??). Who knew that the good Mr Kipling had so many varieties?

So to the reply..........

Another opening pair but another 50 partnership......in fact 80 odd as Tom (60@70) and Mo (24@65) looked in control. Still in cruise mode as Mr T (16@60- fresh from all night pugilistic voyeurism) saw the hosts reach 117-1 without any real issues.

Then it all went wrong..............and proper style. Before you could blink the Fitmen were 120-4. The lower middle order weren’t able to recover.

The fall from grace was witnessed by the Holmes Chapel travellers who had dashed down to witness the run chase only to be disappointed. On-call Umpire Bice (looking dapper in cream chinos) and Angus’s new Dad (or is that the wrong way round?) swelled the attendance and offered consoling quips to the unfortunates trudging back in. Congrats Pat!

The collapse wasn’t entirely self-induced as Coftonian’s change bowlers put in a decent shift taking full advantage of hesitancy. Only two further batters made double figures as the end came swiftly and with The Old Mo 50 odd short.

One of those games where the home side controlled much of the game, looked comfortable for ¾ of the game but failed to win the crucial session.............in fact lost it spectacularly.

Thanks once again to Steve & Kate..........and good luck with getting through Paul Smith’s book Kate – you’ll need a remarkable powers of concentration/high boredom threshold to finish it. Oh and the sightscreen had miraculously gone back up.............wonder if it moves?

Another home game next Sunday after a mid-week visit to Barnt Green. The season’s back in full swing...............and England need an opener and a backbone............ plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.