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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 12 / 4 / 2015 Old Doms Away Lost by 55 runs. Oppo 197-5. Old Mo 142-8.


Fitmen come in like lions ...........and leave like lambs
Old Doms 197-5; Old Mo 142-8..............lost by 55 runs

Rather like March, The Fitmen approached Bromsgrove like Lions but left like lambs. After a promising early gambol by 5pm they were neatly filleted and ‘well done’.

An early early start (noon kick off) saw the ‘first of the season’ gulped at 11:45 – impressive even by FitStandards. EPA and T+atchers were the preferred lubricants followed by New World* at the ‘tea’ interval - which was really only late lunch due to the early start.

The match begun with a solemn minute’s silence for the long serving groundsman at Bromsgrove who had died earlier in the week.

However the mood was lifted when the hosts volunteered to take a team photo of The Fitmen – complete with shiny new shirts. Possibly the first that either has been seen. Fantastic effort by the club’s CFO – we await washing performance reports but are confident that a warm wash (non-bio) and a slowish spin should see them return for a further outing next week.

Skip called heads (obvious really for South of Birmingham) and had no hesitation in fielding first – mainly since rain was forecast for 5pm and no-one wanted their new shirts to get wet in the field.

A gale force south westerly howled across a sun-drenched and dry outfield as the FitAttack was carried by Guy (8-2-26-0) and Sunny (8-1-23-0).............the other 9 still reeling from the honour of playing on the ‘top pitch’.

Progress for The Doms openers was slow ...........partly due to early season swinging and missing but mainly down to impressive accuracy from the bowlers. Eventually something had to give and Sharif (6-0-35-1) had a crack and dislodged way more than 50% of the opening pair.
At the other end Raj (5-0-14-0) was equally accurate getting some April swing and coaxing the shell like number 2 into giving a chance at mid-off............given he was racking up one an over Si made the drop look genuine.

Sensing some blood, Skip (3-0-16-0) brought himself on with the wind propelling his generous frame..............cleverly turning the 1-an-over opener into David Gower at his finest.

Highlights of the first half included Guy practising for his new posting in the war zone that is ‘North Solihull’ by shouting at anyone who’d listen. Si was too busy getting vital Bovis related information from the square leg umpire to pay much attention to Frost-like demands for minute movements.

Three drops (Si, Tuckerrr and Chairman) would have been miracle catches if taken whilst two dollies were taken by Tom. Si got a swirler that he claims doesn’t count as a drop as you have to get some part of your hand on it to count.

At 20 overs and a less than IPL 60 odd on the board, the Old Mo tucked into the squash and tactics break. Highlights included news that Tuckerrrrr regarded his beef cubes in gravy en route back from Thailand as a happy ending.

With the scene set and the skipper’s job done, the Chairman wound up for his first net of the year..............and snagged the guy we’d tried to keep in. Fooled into thinking that no nets all winter was a moment of genius, he was kept on for a second over and swiftly had his ‘spell’ ended (2-0-23-1) after Knacker of the Yard spotted the opportunity of upping the rate.

Chas brought some semblance of order (5-0-22-1) including the valuable wicket of Knacker who looked set for a big score having already raced to his 50. Harbajan Nutt boldly stepped up to the mark for the ‘death overs’ and immediately took an early lead in leading wicket taker race (3-0-26-2) whilst keeping the hosts to under 200.

Tea and a target of 198 could have been worse.............could have been better, but not insurmountable. Tea looked good – usually is at Bromsgrove.

A rush of volunteers to umpire early due to Premier League coverage on the tellybox watched the visitors take a leaf out of the hosts’ openers’ book. Tom (45 @ 55) and Si (31 @ 46) thought they’d laid a solid enough foundation with plenty of biff in next.

Sadly the biff didn’t ............the Fitmen succumbed to a combination of ‘star batsman also is star bowler’ (and he keeps apparently) and wily veteran spinner.
Aside from Tuckerrrrr (14 @ 61) the only resistance came too late in the game as Sunny (30 @ 143) showed what should/could have happened. Chas, Ade and Raj will relish avoiding ‘pairs’ next weekend.

As forecast the rain appeared as the final over was completed...........proving that starting virtually on time should not be repeated.

* http://newworldpaleale.co.uk/ “an exotic new taste delivering a blast of tropical tastes that leave a light citrus tingle.”
** Chas will be getting his own changing room if successful in his application to the dark side.