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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 4 / 5 / 2022 WMD Home (YW) Lost by 4 wickets. Old Mo 170-6. Oppo 171-6.


Fitmen feel the full force of WMD

Tempus Fugit. Like an X-wing fighter, oh how it flies. Drumming up support for a fancy dress star wars themed evening of cricket fell pretty much on deaf ears. It must be a generational thing. Lockyer delivered and then some with Darth Vadar mask but we all know our No.1 Wookie is on the light side. Skip for the evening Timmsy was the real deal in muted Han Solo Garb. The sole playing survivor from the 2017 match at Barnt Green, George Dawes tried his best with a working class storm trooper mask (£2 off amazon Prime) Imperial Battle Cruiser Tucker was there to score and umpire with highly sore groin.
Waseem brought along some fantastic may the 4th be with you cakes – fair play. The next one will be Sunday 4th May 2025 and I hope I will be there to witness it just one more time.

Batting 1st, Waseem was in Imperial form. The Emperor twatted 27 off just 12 balls. Juma 15 off 9, but both fell at key times missing straight ones, both out bowled. Tony T fresh from Jedi training in the nets found the real world a different prospect and fell on his lightsabre without troubling anyone. Jonesy “I hate Star wars” and Martin (blatant Sith) put on a decent stand, although both missed out on some full bungers, but did score some tidy runs off good bowling.

49 is a cruel number to be out bowled, but luckily with good friends around you all night to remind you of the fact you got 49, made all the easier. Solo Timms 11 off 17 brought our resident Wookie to the crease, but trust me, pad rash on a Wookie is not a pleasant sight. Last ball, heave, out. Jonesy 44 off just 32 with his 1st 6 at the Graveyard was a really good effort. We did think we were 10 runs shy of a really good total on 170-6 and so it came to pass.

James “Arm of Thor” Tasker can’t really help but just be a Marvel. Quick and not quite knowing his own strength, his first act in the field was to wang one in from 30 yards, castle the stumps and the oppo get the mandatory overthrow. Genius. He and Jack Scott get some tap with the new cherry but once this was finally lost in the stinging nettles down at cow corner, the game came back into balance.
Both teams after 5 overs were on 60, after 10, 95 and 96 respectively. With a spare ball now in use, boundaries were harder to find and it was all going to come down to fielding/who could hold their nerve.

Now our young Padwan Billy is very much on the cusp of something. I personally want to lure him to the Dark side, but this kid has got Jedi written all over him. Turning a lost cause on its head and delivering a quite brilliant spell of 4-0-19-3, beating the bat and deserving more, the Fitmen were dragged kicking (and at times screeching) back into the game.
Juma took a brilliant catch in the deep to give the Wookie one he wanted. Dave Moore (another star wars poo pooer) bowled with guile. So it came to pass that Jonesy and Emporer Waseem needed to restrict WMD to 18 off the last 3 overs. Martin copped one in the sternum for a catch to give us a glimmer of hope but alas, it was not to be.

Great bunch of lads WMD. Game played with good humour. Poor old Multi millionaires Man City !
Whether you care or not, the force is strong in all who attended tonight. Who, I wonder will be with me in 2025?