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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 28 / 4 / 2021 Kings Heath C.C. Away Lost by 5 runs. Oppo 107-7. Old Mo 102-7.


Fitmen's consistency continues

Although the rivalry between Kings Heath and Mosley Ashfield has a long tradition, this was the first meeting (for a while at least) between each club's more social, fun, black sheep of each of their respected cricketing houses.

The Fitmen assembled for the first midweek T20, very eager and surprisingly early. 90% of us were on time even with the early meet time of 4:45 pm. 5:15 start time was slightly dampened by the bar closed until 5:30 pm.

The morning rain had been pushed aside by an arctic wind, but thankfully 'the pitch' was covered and revelled a green top. More on that later.

With the nearing death of currency in a covid/cashless society, skipper Jonesy lost the-which-hand-is-the-stone in 'toss'. Kings Heath, with only five players present at 5:30, elected to bat. Only two rule changes agreed at the Toss, was to change ends only at the ten over mark to speed things up and extras 2 runs/no extra balls.

Fitmen took to the field looking more like Captain Scott's expedition to the South Pole than summer cricketers, with plenty of layers and coats stuffed under our new Hawk clothing.

The three-letter opening partnership of Raj and Ade opened the bowling down the hill. Raj opening the game with a looping beamer but improved to find length and swing and his second over was the only maiden of the innings. Ade put in a four-over spell which was as tight as a nut. 4 overs 2-5, placing him well ahead of everybody in the economy league.

DDH, back from self-appointed (lack of kit) exile and Timmsey were next up. Both bowling tightly, so at the halfway mark, the Heath were 40 odd for 2. Fitmen on top.

The first ten overs were bowled downhill, but this was only noticed how downhill it was when bowling up. Things then got interesting. During the 11th over the groundsman came running on to the pitch to inform everybody that we were actually playing on Saturdays 1st team pitch and were asked to move across to the uncovered strip four over.

This is when the game turned.

Heath started to put their foot down toward the end of the innings with Jonesy having a nightmare on his return the Heath, taking a bit of a bashing with the ball and a human cullender in the field. The highlight of the fitmen bowling display was the welcome return to form of to our resident standup Smouldy. After a strong preseason netting performance, it was fair to say he died on his arse at Harborne a fortnight ago. But he found his audience today and his variations bamboozled the Heath middle order. Smouldy finished with a mercurial 4 wicket heist. Which he duly dedicated to his hero Dom Bees.

Change of innings, chasing 107. Fitmen were semi-confident.

After a weekend of Whatapps Lobbying the likes of which could get him an NHS contract, Nokia had convinced the skipper he was the opening batsman who could knock off this 'below-par total. So armed with a newly acquired Hawk power, Nokia was promoted to open with Harry. To be fair this delighted the away fans assembled in the pavilion patio and enjoyed the HPA, Carling and mystery guest ale available at the bar.

Did you know the telephone area code for Portsmouth is 0 2 3 4?

Well, you do now because Nokia, Harry, Chas and Steve paid tribute to the great Naval town with the respective scores. In fairness, the top order took the brunt of the Heath bowling. A couple of stars for the future were hooping the ball about and making the best out of the conditions and the second pitch of the game.

Tucker and Raj steadied the ship and saw off the gun bowlers. Then the game had another unexpected change, this time the ball. A new pink ball was introduced to help with the darkening skies. This did for Tucker, as said pink ball looked far too juicy for the big Cambrian basher as it sat up just a little too much to bash. Caught on 19. Jonesy joined Raj and both took up a rear-guard fightback started by Tucker but both got out just as they got in.

DDH almost got us over the line with a massive 19 off 10 balls, but it was too little too late.

It was tough going out there and kudos goes out to Extras who topped scored with 21.

Cricket like much all of sport is a game of percentages, a dropped catch, a miss field on the boundary, a quickly run one turning it into a tight two may have been the difference. Perhaps even the same ball or the same pitch might had been that 1% difference. But ultimately, it wasn't our day.

On the plus side, a tight game of cricket is a good game of cricket. It was played in the right spirit, at a good venue, only 2 miles away from our home ground and with cask ale available. All solid boxes ticked for future fixtures—hopefully, next time with sunshine and less arctic conditions and maybe even a bit of consistency.

Lapworth on Sunday… we go again.