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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 13 / 6 / 2021 Pedmore CC Away Lost by 3 wickets. Old Mo 152-7. Oppo 153-7.


Fitman fail to cling on in late starting Dirty Thirty
Old Mo Fitmen, 152 for 7, lost to Pedmore, 153 for 7, by 3 wickets

“A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” – Lao Tzu

Pre game shenanigans
In recent years a batsman's eagerness to snag a healthy position in the batting line up often comes with a hint of bribery.......offerings for the appointed skipper have included (but are not limited to) an ice cold Staropramen (Alvechurch abbatoir), spicy nuts on tap (Wavis), and the old staple of Old Mo pork scratchings and a curry (pre-season even).....

Efforts were stepped up alarmingly in the form of SMouldy full kit style, on the opening day of the 2nd Eng v NZ test at the outstanding Edgbaston.
Sky Sports Stardom is taking it a bit far, but seeing as Bumble approved, even if the willow was considered a tad small (too low a profile???), the jury were out and FitSponders decided......
Considering the recent ECBs investigation regarding social media non-compliance, it may well have been a blessing in disguise tbh......imagine if FitPhones were scrutinised.....HMP Brum would no doubt be well represented in the cricketing dept......

Mr T from the A team had the punchline, "I ain't gettin' on no plane, fooooool", before then being drugged by his team mates and only awaking upon arrival at a far flung location. So it was for the occupants of the low profile mobile.....arriving safely [sic] at the bucolic environs of sunny Pedmore....
With Mouldy padded up since Thursday, and England firmly humbled by NZ before lunch on Day 4, eight further Fitmen headed off into the Black Country for pre game libations.  An early meet for a 4pm start ensured the juices were fully flowing.

Two England v Croatia games....one Live Live in the bar....one Live "streaming" outside in the Beer Car Park.....like a Mexican wave, the cheers were teed up in cascading fashion as Raheem scored in two time zones....inside (in Zagreb?) which reached us outsiders some 3 mins later......massive uncoordinated cheers all round.

Tuckerrrrrr's toss tactics (tails) turned up trumps.
Second (or third, depending on time zone) loudest FitCheer of the day as skipper elected to bat...26 degrees C and 4 pints in may well have had some bearing on the collective reaction...

With his ears still ringing from a delivery of two sumptuous, full bodied San Miguel's, Mouldy came to the party and, along with Stevie Nicks, shared a 50 opening stand.....food for thought for further FitSkippers???  Mouldy slapping anything across the line for a nice 17 (3x fours).
Only classy Harry Eames seemed to get on top of the bowling however, and with a well crafted 47, pushed the FitScore on apace.
Stevie Nicks desperately tried to get himself out for 20 overs, finally swishing and missing for 37.
TonyT and Ade bludgeoned a few and the Fittotal limped to 152 (off 30 overs, remember).
Eagle eyed and altruistic Stevie Nicks proof read the scorebook....busman's holiday?.....and noticed the 5 (one run plus four overthrows) had been scribed in his column, when in fact it belonged to Harry...
Adjustments made, Stevie a solid 32 (4x fours), Harry Eames a classy 52 (7x fours; 2x sixes; 1x five...), Mouldy 17 (3x fours), and Tony T 11 the only scores of note.
152 to defend.....packed lunches and Sunny Wings at the ready.....with the Chairman's approval the wings were devoured and Fitmen headed back into the afternoon heat.....

Sam Nokia accounted for both openers - a brutal top edge destroying the supraorbital notch of Dad, a swing and a miss crashing into middle stump of son....the celebration was guttural and Haka-esque.

Scoring was steady, and with Ade and Sharif toiling to share six wickets, the Fitmen looked to be pendulously swinging the game back in their favour....
Some FitFielding had other ideas, and with a flurry of dropped chances (excuses ranged from spit on the ball, to weeping eyes due to the Chilli wings.....), Fraz and Sunny falling foul of such FitFielding, remaining wicketless despite Herculean efforts, the hosts scraped their way over the total with 2 wickets (and just over 4 overs) in the bag.

Our delightful hosts offered complimentary post match beer and burgers, before a clandestine getaway for most Fitmen....great day out for all: top hosts, good cricket, sunshine and beer.....more of the same please Boris!!!!
As old Shakespeare would say, “Thou doth protest too much, me thinks"