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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 16 / 6 / 2021 Five Ways Old Edwardians Away Won by 5 wickets. Oppo 149-5. Old Mo 150-5.


Moore of the same please, Fitmen
Fitmen, 150-5, beat Five Ways Old Edwardians, 149-5, by 5 wickets

Roger (007) _ _ _ _ _ ; Sir Bobby _ _ _ _ _ ; Demi _ _ _ _ _; Saddleworth _ _ _ _; Dudley _ _ _ _ _;
All famous British (with the exception of Demi...who probably has the best (vital?) statistics) Moor(e)'s......add to that list the father and son duo of Dad Dave, and Son Skipper Sam, who coupled up majestically to help the Fitmen defeat Five Ways in an absolute cracker of a final ball T20 thriller.

Twenty overs; 300 runs; 10 wickets; XI (at 18:50) Fitmen; all decided on the final delivery - with beer to quench and sun to warm, not a lot wrong with the world on a beautiful Wednesday evening in Hopwood.

Former Old Eds Old Boy Sam Moore was the designated skipper for the evening, winning the toss and electing to insert the oppo', citing a very good bowling attack would pin us down in the chase, but we would have a good bit of FitFun trying.

With Dave Healey still wrangling with car keys and TomToms, the oppo' kindly provided a very suitable substitute fielder. The scorecard details the (not so vital?) Fitmen Statistics, but don't do such a game justice really....let's unpick the fun and games....

A steady start saw the oppo' at nine after two overs - sudden acceleration then raced them to 32 off four......hold tight chaps.
Sam Nokia continued his rich vein of economical form, offering up variation (slow.....and really slow) and took care of one opener, clean bowled through the gate. His opening partner was in the meantime crashing anything wayward with expert placement.
Dad Dave Moore was trundling in from the more sunny end, keeping the temptation high with flight and loopy droopers.....the opener's fifty came courtesy of a cracking backward cut for four....not to be deterred, Dave lobbed up a similar delivery the next ball - just a tad wider, and the opener obligingly tried the same cutting tactics, only to slap it into the hands of Son Sam at backward point.
Two down and the brakes were surely coming on?
Next in also carved a meaty blow, but fell afoul of the same guise from Dad Dave, cracking an uppish extra cover drive safely into the hands of Brother Nutt.
Also worth a mention is the valiant efforts of FitFielding, but, more importantly, the diligence of the bowling attack (Timmsy; Brother Nutt; Ade; Sam Nokia; Daves Moore and Healey) to not concede too many extras.

From memory Dave Moore's third wicket was clean bowled, leaving him with a very tidy 3-fer, and with the belated DDH snagging the other wicket, the Fitmen were left chasing 150 to win.

Bar now open, but I reckon not many Euro 2020 (2021??) wall charts will have predicted a Spain v England fixture...???? Certainly in this bar, Spain (San Miguel) were clearly outgunning England (Carling) by at least a 3:1 ratio of choice....

Just over a run-a-ball wins it, and openers Gaverlaaaa (34) and Tuckerrrrr (13) just about obliged. Same story for Stevie Nicks (11), and then onto the middle order.....
Skipper Sam Moore looked to have some old scores to settle....an absolute cracker of an innings on his previous patch, with supporting roles in the form of Tony T, Brother Nutt, and one-shot Ade Martin.
With the oppo' turning the screw and bringing on the First Team opening bowler, Tony T failed to keep out an absolute beauty of a yorker - Fitmen now four down.....
Brother Nutt used the Big Kahuna to full effect from the off, and did manage to dig out some absolute Jaffer’s from the quickie....quick-fire 11 from the Bruv.....
Enter Ade stage left, cracking a four first ball, and an able support act for the accelerating Sammy Moore.
Highlights included a glorious straight drive for six back over the head of the decent paceman (with 18 required off 3), and some quality cuts and cover drives that, sadly, were expertly fielded for either a single or double only.
Final over - 9 to win....Fimen facing pace from the skillful 1st Teamer...

Sammy Moore...
Single.....six to win...
Support Act Ade...

One ball remaining, scores tied......Ade 'Captain Underpants' Martin at the non-strikers end backing up in line with the bowler - yes - he was actually running in from the bowlers mark, his box having wormed and worked its way around to the left hip, protecting the greater trochanter, blowing out of his arse but with enough energy to bellow "I’m coming at pace, Sammy...."....
Sammy Moore class and calmly Check drove to mid-on, single scampered, game won!!!
Absolute treat to be involved in such a game, every Fitman contributing in their own inimitable way, and a cold beer to calm the nerves did just the trick!
On inspection of the scorebook whilst supping said beer, it transpired that Sammy Moore's winning single off the final ball brought up a much deserved 50 - top knock laaaaa.

Well played Famille Moore and the Fitmen!