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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 8 / 8 / 2021 Pebble Mill Cricket Club Home (YW) Won by 97 runs. Old Mo 206 Oppo 109


(Post-Match Question time, hosted by Justin De Crease)

This week Justin de Crease probed a “Giant Killer” captain.

Bal Singh, 11th-hour (and batting at 11) led the newly attired and styled Old Moseley Arms Fitmen to a successful demolition of the BBC Pebble Mill cricket team, well before the watershed deadline had time to warm up.

Our man began with the skipper’s man-management skills.

Your approach to captaining today has been commented on, by your own team, as akin to Mike Brearley or MS Dhoni – how would you describe it?
…Frank Sinatra. Without any shadow of doubt, Frank Sinatra.

Can you elaborate on this? …The readers would be most interested – I know I am.
Well, I did it my way. I took the blows and the record show, I did it my way.

Next, he quizzed the skipper on the team’s batting.

Why bat first, given the weather prediction and the fact that the covers had been on all night?
I knew it wasn’t going to rain because the BBC would have called the game off – they’ve got Shefali Oza, that weather women with her huge insider stats plus knowledge.

But more, much more than this, the key factor was the team: hung-over drunkards, Dior Sauvage odour swapped for Radian B and more bandaged wrapped individuals than what has yet to be discovered in the Valley of Kings. Also, I didn’t fancy doing a lot of running so early in the day; I’d had double breakfast – and the ground had only just been cleared of goose poo the day before. I didn’t want to cover it with any further regurgitations from the top end.

Your openers were very strong and gave you a good anchoring score.
Yes, oh yes, without a doubt! They are superb anchors. Mo Azzam’s 79 was fantastic; although he was lucky being dropped twice at square leg. Gavlaar’s 35 and Ade’s 32, set up the win that helped “David knock-over Goliath” Mouldy, help crown it with his solid knock of 24.

About the dropped catches and the dismissal of the opener… You dropped both those catches and your loaned player finally caught him out. It is suggested (by both sides) they were easy catches which should have been caught
That easy for them to say... I admit they could have been caught, but I was in no way going to catch them.

Are you admitting you dropped them on purpose?
It is well known that I am prone to drop the odd one or two – why I been known to drop letters from words when peaking…erm speaking, speaking!

What was your reaction to Tony (your loaned player) taking two big scalps for the opposition?
Mo and Raj were caught out fair and square by him. I will however be giving him coaching lessons on fielding and catching for when on loan to the opposition. Seriously, it highlighted our integrity and fair play attitude.

Finally, Justin de Crease discussed the fielding and bowling response.

You began the fielding session with a motivational speech. Why pick that quote?
I’ve been sitting in the same changing room as these gentlemen for nearly 17 years now. If you open your eyes and take a long hard look at the Fitmen, a real long cold hard look at the Fitmen, you’ll see the: Halflings, Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs, Ents, and Trolls; but you’ll be hard pressed to find men, let alone gentlemen, in the Sunday Fellowship. We are based in Tolkien territory and the thought occurred to me, that a quote from The Lord of the Rings might just have that “Snickers” effect - changing them into those worthy of St Crispen’s Day.
The team fielded exceptionally well and prevented singles being leaked and boundaries being reached. Do you think this was a contributing factor for the resounding win?
The fielding was indeed tighter than a duck’s derriere. The young, older, and infirmed contributed to the run rate being kept well below the opposition’s ability. Hands, feet, knees, and bums all made contact with the ball at some point in the game – stopping runs and making the bowlers’ stats a delight to read.

Talking about bowlers; the economy rate of nearly all your bowlers was amazing. Also, what prompted you give the whole team a bowl?
Not all the team bowled. Tony did not, nor did Bicey – who was keeping wicket. Tony refused and I would like to go on record that this was not a punishment for his two catches for the opposition. Well, the real reason behind giving everyone a bowl was to keep Ade from bowling again – we’ve got a little competition going on regarding winning the best bowler trophy.
The economy rate was probably the best all season and Sam Lockyer’s 4 for 21 off 8 overs was amazing. It was a shame he didn’t get his fifth (especially as it was all set up for him). I was really looking forward to a free drink. Let’s not forget the breakthrough by Sherif and Ade; dismissing the openers made the win that little bit easier. As for Gavlaar’s wicket…what can you say? The RAF trained him well… half-cut and still on target – what a navigator!

I feel you’re being modest here. Your clutch of three wickets, off 4 overs, with an economy rate of 1.0. What have you got to say about that?
Nothing much now – you’ve stolen the moment!

In closing Justin de Crease had this to say:
The captain (skipper, call him what you want) certainly took the blows, especially when fielding. A resounding win for the Fitmen and no doubt their captain will return next year… but by whom will he be inspired?