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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 18 / 7 / 2021 Barford Away Lost by 83 runs. Oppo 217-9. Old Mo 134


Baaaaaaaptism of Fire

You weren’t there man……..On a dusty, isolated hill overlooking the Warwickshire hamlet of Snitterfield, let’s call it ‘Hamburger Hill’ for the sake of an highly random Vietnam War pop-cult reference, a crack unit of Old Mo Fitmen came together to go into the heat (more of which later) of battle against Barford VC… errrr I mean CC.

I had been given ample and fair warning that assembling such a band of battle-hardened troops for the very first time would be a mightily daunting challenge, and so you’ll be relieved and quite possibly amused to hear, that is exactly how it proved to be?! Thankfully through late and absolutely lifesaving player additions, via Sam Nokia (Paul Caines) Facebook tip-off (Ben Wallace) and Spond (Gav) we had our starting XI in place and as I donned my crampons for the hike up to the middle with the oppo skipper for the toss, I had absolutely one thing in the forefront of my heatstroke addled mind… for Christ’s sake just win the bloody toss and bat first……!

With the toss duly, inevitably and irritatingly lost, the mercury levels rising ever higher, and last minute replacement keeper Mo entrenched behind the stumps, Sunny, bowling down the hill with the burning sun on his back, duly began our assault on the Barford batting. We didn’t have to wait too long to make our first inroads either, with their opener falling lbw in the very 1st over. At the other end, debutant Ben Wallace was handed the cherry to begin his Fitmen career and aside from a few looseners bowled a very tidy and effective spell taking two Barford wickets.

Their skipper and number 2 batsman was proving to be a much harder nut to crack, driving, cutting and pulling his way to an impressive 81. He was so very nearly c&b by Ben just after going past his 50, before eventually being snaffled by Mo with an edge to one of Bal’s delightfully and temptingly floated off spins. The outfield was both lightning quick and on one side the merest push at the ball and the ball rapidly fell away for four. Not many maximums were scored in the whole game, but what was particularly noteworthy in this particular Fitmen performance was the truly excellent catching in the deep (ish). In all four steepling, fizzing catches were comfortably held, even with the neighbouring farm (?) providing some very distracting Blues Brothers-type soul tunes at high volume. Bravo lads!! Raj, Sharif, Bal and Sam all played vital and wiley supporting roles in stifling the Barford batting bonanza, and 40 overs and four (4) drinks breaks later, they had amassed a non-too shabby total of 216 runs.

With the last of the tea time sandwiches and crisps devoured, the top up of factor 50 slathered on and the final thirst quenching drops of Strongbow and Irn-Bru (wot no Carling Gav?!) supped, at 1700h sharp the opening Fitmen batsman of Gavin and yours truly strode out into the heat of the evening to face the music. Now, whatever music it was, it must be said that it certainly wasn’t of the chin variety?! Both
openers’ stay at the crease was disappointingly short-lived, with said low bounce accounting for the skipper and Gavin being Yorked by their impressive opening bowler apparently just back from Uni to terrorise us.

Uncle Mo coming in at 3 after his stint behind the stumps, steadied the ship however and after a couple of useful partnerships with both Paul and then Simon in particular, it looked at one point as though we might still be in with a shout of reaching their total. Once we was dismissed LBW for a very competent and handy 52 runs, the resistance of the remaining Fitmen was, other than a few flashes of brilliance from Simon and Sharif, broken and sadly we fell short by 83 runs…

Thanks again to all for their time and effort yesterday, particular shout out to Gav for giving Ben a lift to Snitterfield and home again, I’ll buy you a Carling in the Baldwin soon mate! Happy heatwave to all and ‘hasta la proxima’.