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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 2 / 6 / 2021 Mermaids Home (YW) Won by 5 wickets. Oppo 115-7. Old Mo 117-5.


Fitmen make a splash with thrilling victory over Mermaids
Fitmen, 117-5, beat Mermaids, 115-7, by 5 wickets

Fitmen descended to the Graveyard on a warm Wednesday evening under darken skies. The sunshine of the previous 5 days turned quickly to rain just before the toss.  But thankfully the rain was light and passed quick enough for a slightly delayed toss. Jonesy lost the toss and Mermaids elected to bat. 

In the ever-evolving story of DDH who each week either loses his sh1t or his kit, this week it was his kit. In fairness he knew where his kit was, it was locked safely in his car boot, but unfortunately, his car keys were MIA. Therefore DDH opened the bowling in trainers and sadly the lack of traction in his run-up meant his length was unusually wayward. Frazzle on the other hand opened the bowling from the golf course end and showed the unique skill of multitasking bowling with childcare. 

The Mermaids top order was predictably strong, with the usual suspects hitting the bad ball and defending the good.  Control and pressure were reestablished with Ade replacing DDH at the Mulberry End, bowling 3 overs with some decent wheels. Fresh from 18,000 steps already achieved in the day Sharif gurnned through his spell.  Jonesy bowled a maiden but the best spell of the evening went to Bal with a lovely 3 overs 2-9.  Ade's economy rate was destroyed in the 20th over but he also picked up 2 further wickets to finish with 3-23. 

With a couple of smart run-outs, and just a couple of trademark drops, Mermaids total of 115-7 looked achievable, but under the slate grey sky the Fitmen needed to bring their A-Game. 

Can I just take a minute to mention Tucker's catch in yesterdays game against Wavis, which was shockingly missed in yesterday's match report.  Tucker was stood on the boundary at deep square leg and picked a catch out of the sky one-handed with complete nonchalant. Nomination for catch of the season. 

Anyway the run chase. A fairly lubricated Gavlar and Stevie Nicks opened the innings. Gavlar left a few outside off with his trademark windy-millers but departed to rejoin his RB&Vs after making 5 runs. Steve saw off the best of the bowlers with a well earned 22. 

The man of the match performance and match-winning innings was from Sammy Moore. Looking resplendent in 'Full Hawk' he hit a chanceless 68 off 53, with 9 fours and 2 sixes. One of those 6's was a perfect check drive onto the golf course fairway. Very classy stuff from the newly follicled gentleman.  

Mermaids got back into the game by bringing on a young leg spinner who bowled brilliantly. This made the run rate rise slightly scarier but the fitmen pushed on. Sam selflessly run himself out trying to take on a throw. Tucker and Tony came and went playing for the team.   Just before DDH came out to bat the mystery of the car keys was solved - the toddler has hidden them in her toy box, which gave DDH the necessary spring in his step to bring the team home with 13 of 8 balls. 

Both teams enjoyed a beer after the game. Thanks to Steve for bar duties again.

3 wins in 4 days.  Fitmen keep on rolling on.