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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Tue 11 / 7 / 2017 Hurst Hippos Home (YW) Lost by 8 runs. Oppo 118-6. Old Mo 110-8.


Hippo’s run rule over Flagging Fitmen

The Hurst Hippo’s are the 2nd biggest bunch of drunken, cricket and golf playing, extraction of the urine, magnanimous, altruistic jokers, you’ve ever seen. A match made in heaven. The Old Mo’ Fitmen welcome you 45 minutes late, having spent the afternoon in the Bluebell Cider House (fair play) to then win the toss and put your own flag up the pole. Game on. 15 overs a side it is then.

Who actually wants to play cricket on a Monday night? Even the wife wouldn’t make you put up shelves on a Lundi night, so the coast is clear. The Indoor Ninja’s who read this know of the Monday night club. The answer is everyone, unless you played on Sunday and can hardly walk/straighten your arm/to be able to wipe/level 7 wings.

Apparently the human brain forgets 99% of what occurs on a daily basis. It has to in order to leave room for the rest of the blowhole we carry around. 0.1 / 16 = I refer to the scorebook…

Looks like Martin got smashed for 1,6,6,3 off his first 4 balls in the 4th over by some geezer called Soe. One six went onto the 6th T-box of Moseley GC, if memory serves. At least 150M shot and roll. With the recent dry weather, regulation really, but still huge. Luckily Gavlar came to the rescue 2 balls later taking another ball destined for a maximum, with a fingertip catch. Good catches are made to look easy, magnificent.

Once Joe retired, the game took on a mere mortal tone. The Hippo’s had their own tour rules, which I will state here for training purposes for next seasons re-match. Dave Healy trying his best, faced with a bat not just shouldering arms, but a preordained relinquishing said bat to the floor….bowled under arm and missed. Underarm? However, Martin also given a “shouldered arms”, had the LBW rightly turned down. Just to make amends the next Hippo umpire triggered his pal Scott for not many at all and only 2 of us had appealed. We are all starting to understand the Hippo’s style and panache!

A very talented and manufactured 118 for 6 off 15 set the game up perfectly.

There was mention in the humorous after game speech of the Hippo’s Latin moniker. Something about trying to win but at the same time not trying to win. Appreciated. The Fitmen Latin strapline of Turci autem ornare non licet, sed potest evolvere in splendore forensi, summarises perfectly the Fitmen batting line up for the night.

6 batsmen out to full tosses, you make your own mind up. At least one was a no-ball. But fair do’s Fitmen, lost by 8 runs and a fielder short. Criket was the winner. Professor weed 18, Hendry, 15, Tucks 17 and Martin 30, all out to full bungers.
5 pints in by this stage, on a school night so memory fading fast…
Great curry. Good bunch of lads. All in good spirit.