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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 21 / 6 / 2017 The Village Home (YW) Won by 5 runs. Old Mo 153-7. Oppo 148-7.


Fitmen Victorious in Midweek Scorcher

Fitmen, 153-7, beat The Village, 148-7, by 5 runs

It was the hottest June day since 1976, back then many of the team were just a glint in their fathers eyes. Except Tucker and Sharif who were in short trousers and Bal was is in the same size trousers he is in now.

Virgin Skipper for the Fitmen (first since Baverstock Year 9’s v Queensbridge years 9’s 1997) Jonesy strode out to the square to toss up with The Village Skip/12th man Rick. Rick call heads, blatantly and arrogantly ignoring tails from Wales never fails rule. Fitmen elect to bat.

The batting order was created using a complex series of algorithms on a blackboard similar to the 1997 Oscar Winning film Good Will Hunting. Best Strike Rates in descending order in midweek games 2011-2017. The maths couldn’t fail,….

Although the algorithm didn’t take into account the traffic on the A435 meaning the two Fitmen with impressive strike rates above 100 were late. So normal service was resumed with Affleck and Damon walking to the crease. (Gavlaar fresh from a warm up in the Covered Wagon and Jonesy).

Things could have started better with Gavlaar getting a Diamond/Platinum/Royal Duck (depending on regional preference). Dave Healey elevated to 3 with an impressive strike rate of 97.55 did little to damage his strike rate also collecting a Duck off his 3 ball.

Tucker in at his usual 4 produced what the highlight of the batting display with a well crafted 57, utilising the short boundary on the leg side with some punchy blows toward the club house. His was proficiently supported by Jonesy with a quick fire 25 off 23, Rob Nutt 20 off 16 and a dirty dozen runs from Sam Moor and Sharif. Notable mention was for team player Habib bagging a golden duck to help the morale of Gavlar and DDH.

Despite the Caribbean conditions and the ‘interesting smell’ wafting across the ground from the local crowd which had assembled, the Fitmen took to the field knowing 153 has defendable total but equally achievable target to set a mercurial Village batting line up.

DDH and Bal made for an unconventional opening bowling partnership and both bowled tight keeping the opening overs respectable. It being the Summer Solstice all attention turned to our very own ‘Stoned Henge’ Sharif who bagged another 2 quality wickets.

The Village were beginning to accumulate nicely with one batsman looking well set and striking the ball to all parts. The momentum was with the batting side.

It took 3 Fitmen to step up and be counted:

1. Habib, brought into Silly Mid Off to ‘encourage’ the well set batman with his repertoire of bants.
2. Rob Nutt bagging a 2-12 including their star batsman, great tight lines of medium pace bowing.
3. Bal with a quality spell of off spin blowing at the death, mixing his lines and length.

This was all supported by some fine fielding by the whole team.

It went down to the nail biting final over and with tension mounting and 5 to win, the umpires called to the scorer Rick to check “is this the final ball?” an uncharacteristically softly defeated “yes” was the reply from the club house benches.

Fitmen victorious for the first time in June, celebrated with more sunshine, ale and a soundtrack of old Nokia ringtones.