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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 10 / 5 / 2017 The Village Away Won by 70 runs. Old Mo 182-5. Oppo 112-5.


Winning streak continues
Old Mo 182-5, The Village 112-5

Fitmen win by 70 runs.

‘In sports, a winning streak is winning one or more games in succession. ….. A winning streak that extends through a single season, i.e. every game in the season is won, is known as a perfect season.’ So, that’s official then – It’s a Fitmen winning streak with a return to form with back to back midweek wins and the virgin Sunday victory.

The leafy delights of rural Worcestershire from last Thursday were swapped for the grit of North Birmingham complete with Leylandii forest turning a bright evening into early gloom. On the up side the flight path gently layered not only a warming film of spent aviation fuel but also a record attendance of 4,350 (assuming the Emirates flight was full*).

The evening didn’t start well (or did – depending on your point of view) with a delayed start due to missing stumps. The fine figures of Fitmen took advantage of an extended pre-match hydration period at very reasonable rates…………….2 Stowfords and a Carling plus a bag of locally forged Bombay mix with change from a tenner.

In the match itself the margin of victory underlined that the only thing close was the Man of the Match award……………….Tuckerrrr’s fine 76 or The Skipper’s 40 and 3 for 13?

Cometh the hour (18:14) cometh the GG Gavlarrrrr as he confidently Lambeth Walked to the middle knowing he’d avoid a King Pair……. the ball in question nibbled past the outside edge of a swish on route to 3 @ 33. His opening partner Habib quietly went about his business to get to double figures (11 @ 73) before he ‘did a Gatting’ and watched the bail fly towards the boundary.

The Standout period came from the middle order strokers of Tuckerrrrr 76 @ 165 (35 balls to get to 50), former Bookworm James 28 @ 127 and Skipper Martin 40 @ a gentle 190! Really quite brutal towards the end setting an impressive 182……………….way too much for just about any team we’ll come up against this season.

Tuckerrr in particular was in devastating form – he had just the one brush with fate as the keeper dropped him on 20 off 11 – the first ball he’d failed to score from. After that, it was high octane stuff ably supported by our Librarian before Biff popped in for a bash and attempted to steal the limelight.

Quick turnaround as we were way behind schedule and the sun had already started to dip behind the 30 foot weed trees.

Any hopes of a miracle response from the hosts were dashed when the dangerous opener was snared by skip and then it was really perm any top bowling performances from 3 as Sharif (5-0-17-1) and Dangerous (4-0-13-0) gave nothing and ‘Super Blade’ got 4-1-13-3.

Jonesy had a bit of a mare with ball nutting capers at deep mid-off being the highlight (don’t mention the 18 off over 1) and Habib turned something (stomach?) with his one off go. Deeply in love and synch Habib duly dropped Jonesy’s only chance but hugs all round and even Princess Si (who wanted a mention in the report) was back in Habib’s favours.

We did manage one catch that handily nestled in The Chairman’s blubber and a decent run out – bullet hurl from Gavlar rescued by Tom’s neat stretch and flick to add to his tidy efforts all evening.

On cue when home skipper Rick wedged himself into the bar chair post-match, the FitTravellers headed for home …..with his ‘we don’t often lose to you’ gag ringing in their ears. A torrid night for the Village Veteran who vowed they’d be a different side come the Sunday fixture. Good luck with that.

*26 arrivals during the match. The ‘highlight’ being Emirates EK037 from Dubai at 19:40. The A380 is certified for a maximum of 853 passengers (538 on the main deck and 315 on the upper). However, we believe spectators on this flight totalled around 500 due to the "comfortable three-class" 544-passenger configuration Emirates adopt.