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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 17 / 7 / 2016 Walsall Heath Away Won by 4 wickets. Oppo 180-9. Old Mo 181-6.


Mo’s Masterclass leaves Fitmen Feeling in Rude Health

Walsall Health 180-9, Old Moseley Arms Fitmen 181-6

Old Moseley Arms Fitmen win by 4 wickets

With the sudden appearance of the English summer, the Fitmen travelled to Aldridge, the most northerly of their fixtures, in fine spirits. The weather was even warm enough for Tahir to be tempted out of hibernation for his season’s debut.

Whatever captain Sunny “Chicken Wing” Singh called at the toss was the wrong one, and so Walsall Health opted to bat on a flat, brown track, to groans all round for those Fitmen who were looking forward to a couple of hours in the sun watching a Mo batting masterclass. They were not to be disappointed, as we shall see later.

What we were first treated to was a bowling masterclass from Dave Healey and Ralphie. Ralphie proved to be too quick for the Walsall Heath openers and Dave Healey proved to be nigh impossible to score off, due to great accuracy and the ability to move the ball laterally. This saw off both openers, including the obligatory “he’s averaging over 100 this season” player. There seem to be a lot of those around this year?!

At drinks, the score was a mere 76-3, but a brief rally by the Walsall Health middle order saw a rapid acceleration in the scoring rate until an inspired bowling change to bring on Mo saw two wickets in 3 balls, the first courtesy of a fine catch by Ralphie. Thereafter, the Walsall Health innings meandered along to 180-9; generally felt by all to be an under par score.

Tea was taken and the Fitmen innings commenced at the unusually late hour of 5.50. Mo and Gavin opened up, and for a while runs flowed freely: neither of the Walsall Health openers being able to gain much control. Their change bowlers were much better, however and the scoring rate slowed markedly. Wickets fell at regular intervals, with no-one being able to break the shackles to any great effect, though Mo was making unruffled and stately progress towards 50.

Eventually, due to a batting order being decided on the “who can do the scorebook” selection method, Rob Green came in at No. 7 to steady the ship at the other end to Mo. Under strict instructions to stay in, an anchor was dropped to such an extent that an aircraft carrier could have been moored with ease. His Lordship Admiral Horatio Frost no doubt approved. This allowed Mo to dominate the opposition bowlers, which together with intelligent running and farming of the strike moved the Fitmen closer to the target.

Walsall Health were now becoming frustrated, even to the extent that the normally chipper saffer, Chuck, was first quieted, then broken and finally dismantled in mind and spirit by Mo’s batting. “Doesn’t matter where you’re going to move the fielder, I’ll still find the gaps” was Mo’s modus operandi and it made for glorious watching.

Eventually, Rob was granted permission to score runs, so that by the final over 5 runs were needed for victory. Two to Rob left 3 runs needed of 3 balls. A slice to fly slip, meant that Raj had to go in with 3 needed off 2 balls. Single to Raj, and then it was fitting that Mo hit the winning two runs off the final ball, finishing on a magnificent 134 not out, which he was later to reveal was his second century of the weekend.

Celebrations would have gone on for much longer, but a finish time of 8.30 allowed for little more than a quick pint or two – and the draught Tribute was very pleasant indeed.