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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 19 / 6 / 2016 Aston Unity Home (YW) Won by 152 runs. Old Mo 220-6. Oppo 68


Heavy workload ensures match report is written weeks late!

Looking back at a pre-Brexit world where Cameron was still on the throne, banking stocks were still worth something and we were still in Europe (and the Euro’s), I wonder if we turned the clocks back we as a Nation would do things differently?
Possibly not watching England vs Iceland would be on the top of everyone’s agenda. Going on a 2 week holiday abroad to avoid the incessant cloud and rain would also be right up there. Answering that text to appear for the Fitmen vs Aston Unity on Sunday the 19th of June to then stand in the field in the pouring rain? Well I think we all know the answer to that. No way would we have missed those egg mayo sarnies and mound of pakora.

The fixture secretary excelled in arranging a fixture at late notice vs Aston Unity although his over selection policy meant that Si had to stand down (generously) to allow others a game. With rain forecast at 5PM on every weather app available (Jonesy’s satellite cloud tracking service the pick), a T20 was suggested but reluctantly a 35 over each format was agreed upon. One team was in for a soaking. Toss won, Fitskip decided to have a bat and impose the drenching on the home side (idiot).

Tom and Mo slunk out to a bit of a sticky dog track but imposed themselves from the off. Timing the ball was difficult but Mo seemed to be managing ok. Despite the longish grass in the outfield, anything short was given a biff and numerous boundaries ensued. Tom gracefully moved to 20 before being given out LBW by Guy – always an honest umpire, it must have been hitting. Gav Hall then came in for a swashbuckling 14 before missing a straight one to allow Sharif in at the heady heights of number 4.
Characteristic back foot heaves were the order of the day (obvs) and with 2 4’s and 2 mighty 6’s onto the golf course Sharif was finally out stumped in traditional comic fashion. If the grunting postie had stood his ground the ball would have been a sweet half volley, but once committed old twinkle toes was left stranded well out of his ground. Mo had quietly been accumulating runs, passing his 50 before being caught for an excellent 78 off 72 balls.

Fitskip and Raj then kept the scoreboard ticking over to get past the 200 mark. Jonesy smashed a couple of 4’s in the last over to give the Fitmen a very impressive (considering the conditions) 220-6 off 35.
Tea was plentiful. 4 sandwich fillings, pakora, pizza, pork products and quality cakes. All we needed now was a bit of sunshine and it would be a perfect evening. Wrong. It’s June, it’s England, it’s raining.

It was one of those rains that wasn’t quite enough to call the game off, but just enough to get everyone soaked. I think it let up for about 2 minutes out of the next 90, sometimes a touch heavier, often blown sideways in the wind. Magical.
It really didn’t help Aston Unity in their pursuit of 200+. The outfield was wet, so 4’s for us went for 2 and singles didn’t make it 20 yards. The sticky dog got stickier and the Fit bowlers were licking their lips looking at the leading wicket table. These are the days when we look back at the Christmas dinner and awards are handed out. Who was going to make the most of it?

Guy has to be the unluckiest of them all. 6-1-5-0 are quite superb figures. All of the runs he conceded were off the edge but quite literally he was bowling to well for the batsmen to get out. Jonesy however didn’t seem to have any problems. Bowling on the perfect length he too was very difficult to get away but finished with an excellent 3 fer 15, grabbing most of the potentially dangerous top order.
Bal replaced Guy and chalked up another wicket for the season in his spell but cometh the moment cometh the man. Having grabbed a 5 wicket haul only weeks ago, Sam Lockyer delivered a devastating spell to rip the heart out of the Unity’s middle to late order. Bowling with great variation of pace (especially the faster ball Mo named the “knee crusher”) Sam tore through batsmen’s defences. Wides outscored the batsmen as they were bamboozled by Sam’s unique bowling style.

7-3-14-4 were his finishing figures, but Sam did have 2 overs to try and grab another elusive 5 fer. Not this time. Ian Nutt was asked to clean up the tail before we all got soaked to the skin and he did so with aplomb. 19 balls later and 2 fer 6, the game was won, with Unity all out for 68.

A good toss to win? Definitely. If we could turn the clocks back, would we change anything? Put your X here…………………