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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sat 26 / 9 / 2015 Four Oaks All Saints Away Lost by 17 runs. Oppo 161-7. Old Mo 144


The final curtain………..

“Fitmen undone by sticky dog and attention deficit”

So the (newly) traditional visit to Four Oaks for the final hurrah saw the end of an outstanding season.
• 100% record for the mid-week invincibles,
• 1000 runs for Mo (and a hat trick!),
• 4 batters aggregating more than 500,
• full house for Sharif (played 35 out of 35),
• 3 players exceeding 100 overs

…..the list goes on and no doubt the CFO is setting aside a VW sized contingency for the expected trophy bill at the Awards Dinner.

The two visits to date to the Royal Borough have both produced competitive and enjoyable games in good conditions and in good spirit……….mainly. So to the matter in hand in the shadow of Granny’s Pantry and in possibly the best weather conditions of the season. The fly tip (aka bonfire collection) was less impressive than last year but did have a nice oak chest of drawers (available for collection before 5th Nov - A quick scrub and it’s perfect ‘shabby chic’).

A toss to lose was duly achieved and the hosts opted to bat …mainly ‘cos the tide was out. Ralphie (6-1-14-1) relished the physical challenge of uphill sprinting and marked his final appearance before becoming ‘defender of our skies’ with an impressive spell on an unresponsive pitch. A pitch that, in the end, presented even more trouble for the batsmen with regular ultra-low bounce.

The Chairman took the downhill slalom challenge (8-1-30-2) and nearly melted down in overs 2 and 3 before securing the remaining 5 overs of his spell courtesy of the skipper having two goes at a sharp cover drive.

Ade stuck on his crampons from the valley end and despite impressive looking figures 6-2-12-1 somehow lost ground in the economy battle with Biggles – who provided some consolation with a cracking horizontal catch at short mid-off.

The home side ground on and by drinks were a (seemingly) less than impressive 56-4.

There was no let-up in the bowling accuracy as first Sharif (5-0-16-0) and then Bal (8-0-37-2) kept the pressure on. With 10 overs to go the score had crept up to 95-4. Surely at some stage the home side would lash out.

It turned out to be more of a lash-ette really - but 66 did come from the final 10 and Nutterrrr can consider himself unlucky not to bag more than a single wicket (7-0-47-1). The Saints seemed content with a relatively modest (compared to the monster scores the previous weekend) 161 and their optimism proved founded in the end.

A modest hike up to the clubhouse witnessed a good tea and the even more welcome view of the shutters firmly raised providing much needed refreshments (3 T*tchers and a Stella 4 for less than £12…). Keep an eye out for the newly acquired white Audi soft-top being tooled round Four Oaks next week by the excited bar maid.

Off we pop…………….4 an over earned by good bowling and fielding…..can’t be that difficult can it?

Extras got us off to a flyer with 11 in the first over and then some off the bat meant 20 after 2. But it proved a little trickier than this as the low bounce saw off Tom and then a whole host of visiting batters. Record breaking Mo only needed 4 more than Tom’s 9 to add the weekend run aggregate to his burgeoning honours board. Guess what – lbw exactly three ahead and the umpire who gave it??

The doctor ordered vigilance of the highest kind – but got attention deficit disorder as none of the top half applied themselves sufficiently bar ‘One-shot’ (37 no) who showed he had a few more tucked away in armoury and very nearly outscored extras. The ‘long tail’ lurked ominously and when Tuckerrrr had departed for 16 and Ralphie had left Ade stranded the portents were ominous.

In the end only a modest 20 odd off the last 4 were required, but Messrs 9, 10 and 11 figured they’d done their bit with the ball some hours ago and the visitors whimpered to 17 run defeat to close the season. When Extras top score (38) and only one batter exceeds 16, victory is unlikely.

There were of course moments of high comedy and fighting spirit including Valentin Ivanov-like warnings all round, two old geezers tending the bonfire in the bothy, mysterious catches to first slip that didn’t happen, Hidekichi Miyazaki (in the disguise of Rob Green) haring in from the top corner etc.

And so to the evening’s entertainment with an end of season curry at Kababish to distract from the minor matter of Wales winning at Twickers. Enter stage left Umberto on his skateboard and suddenly everything else seemed normal. The under 50s sloped off to the PO Dublya whilst the seniors headed off for shut eye.

Next up – Awards evening!