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Fixtures and Results | Match Reports

Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Mon 31 / 8 / 2015 Lapworth Away No Result

Lapworth v Old Mo - match cancelled (chucked it down all day Bank Hols Monday).

‘Tour Report’

August Bank Holiday weekend is traditionally the signal for upping sticks and moving to cider apple country for a short vacation courtesy of the burghers of Hereford. After decades (really?) there was a change of plan due to Captain Corelli’s sojourn in The Adriatic – and Leamington was selected as the victim.

Not all went to plan and the proposed ‘stop over’ to take the Spa waters was scuppered when the oppo pulled out leaving a dearth of options...and a game en route home against Lapworth as the sole survivor. Not perturbed, The Graveyard then became available and a FitSixes tournament was proposed. So far so good.

4 teams of 6, 5 x 8 ball overs...........job’s a good ‘un.............assuming Shafali played along.

Preparations went well – teams all set, barrel of Enville procured and breathing/settling nicely. Clouds gathering, then parting and a dry Saturday..............but Sunday approached smelling wet.

As half expected a few ‘ghost players’ didn’t show and the rain was falling.............the brains trust counted the players assembled (22) and divided by the time lost due to rain multiplied by the chances of rain later and came up with................... T/20; Tea; T/10; Rain.

Still raining but the Enville was beautiful. Cue Brains Trust (with co-opted advisor Thommo) and the solution was...............leave the 1st team covers on (possible league title match the following day), tip toe round it and start in the light drizzle.
George Dawes XI v Tuckerrrrr’s Titans.

Awaiting scorecards to fill in the (non official-averages stats) but it was 2 overs each, retire at 25, no LBWs. It turned out to be a high scoring and close game eventually needing (and getting) a boundary off the last ball for the GDXI to prevail.

Jumbo tea featuring all the usual delights, then back on for a 10/10 which seems to have got lost on the mists of time (or Enville). Barrel completed by stumps, the rain came down again and off trotted an expeditionary force towards Moseley Village.