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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Thu 20 / 8 / 2015 AMS Away Won by 63 runs. Old Mo 172-3. Oppo 109


Irresistible Fitmen power to unbeaten season closing win

Season Notes; No bowler had an economy rate over 8. Everyone bar two got a wicket and bar three scored a run. Only seven batsmen below 100 SR. 15 Games Un-beaten.

Cricket is a team game as we all know and thanks go out to all 25 members of the all-conquering mid-week squad. 2015 will linger long in the memories. You have to look back all the way to July 29th 2014 when this impregnable group were turned over and given a good seeing to….

On a sultry late summer evening a very strong Fit line up assembled at the bucolic Feckenham ground to take on our old foes AMS. Tails never fails south of Brum and we were ready to bat bang on 6PM – we would need to be with the evenings closing in at 8.20ish. With the Bicemeister stuck in traffic, Tucker tearing up the A34 at breakneck speed, a bag of numbered tickets was pulled from the dark recesses of skipper Martin’s bag. A batting line up lottery ensues. ‘Keeper Houlgate pulls out the number 11 ticket first in good humour but with a bit of gigerey pokery, in-form Ralphie and Harris wander out as openers.

However for once, things did not go according to plan. Despite both caressing nice early boundaries, Harris was out yorked by the AMS opening bowler and Ralphie followed deceived by the slower ball from the same bowler. 27 -2 off 4, panic anyone? Not so. Martin followed up his week-end knock hitting 4 boundaries on his way to retiring on 25 partnered by Mr Vert who despite taking 10 balls to get to 3, then went on to cut his way to an excellent 27 at run a ball pace before retiring.

The pitch at one end was providing tennis ball bounce but this played perfectly into the Fitmen’s hands with new arrival to the crease, Habib Pickering. Cultured our young Habib may not be, but effective he is. Hoiking, scooping and swishing his way to a miraculous 17, Adductor muscle tear and all. Full value for his annual subs. He even bowled his way into Economy rate joint winner award with the Chairman FFS.

At 106-3 off 14 overs, the pre-match target of 170 seemed insurmountable. Not with this ruthless class of 2015. Greg in at 6, Bice in at 7. Oh dear. 12,9,13,19 later and Moore was retired on a 14 ball 25 one of which a monster straight maximum is still in the Graveyard if anyone fancies a look.

Rich had driven for 140 minutes in rush hour hell to get to a small village in Worcestershire. PSI levels were off the scale- which may go some way to explain a traffic jam blasting 26 not out off 10 balls. Hawk power. Tucker in next, forced to run a 3, 2 and another 2 (which went for 4) in the first 2 minutes was breathing through various orifices as he pulled and drove his way to 10 not out, ably assisted by our very own No.9 General Sharif of Moseley in for his 24th bat of the season, a tidy averaging boosting 7 not out.

172 for 3

It was getting noticeably dark, so a quick turn around was needed. Newish cherry, bouncy pitch, Greg 0-11, set the tone. Pumped up Bicey stormed in off 6 paces but it was Robb Nutt on first change who turned the game. First clean bowling the opener and then getting the big fella from AMS out golden duck, caught quite superbly by Greg in the gloom. “Have you ever had a hatrick? Everybody in….Leg side wide. Jug avoidance of the highest order.

Rob Green was providing the perfect foil with his selection of swingers and wrong ‘un’s (full tosses) interspersed with 2 wicket taking balls. Another catch for Greg and soft hands Houlgate with the assists. Not to be outdone, Tucker with his first bowl of the season snaffled another of the middle order clean bowling a perplexed AMS all-rounder.

Ralphie nearly finished off the opposition, not by taking wickets but by frightening the heebie jeebies out of both batsmen and fielders alike in the twilight with pace and accuracy to finish with 0-4 off 12 balls. Habib limp/shuffled in for his 2 and Harris twirled away (as is his want) unlucky not to get a W.

With the match in the bag, the sun tried to make an appearance and left just 2 bowlers to close out the game. The fact that both were competing for mid-week bowler of the year made for a tantilising last 15 minutes. The General (Sharif) started proceedings by taking a wicket in his first over with huge assistance from a fine catch by Harris in the deep. Sharif leads by 2 wickets.

Martin responds with a wicket of his own assisted by safe hands Tucker. Back to a lead of just 1 for the General. Now Tom Houlgate had made some excellent stops behind the stumps but he had already missed a couple of stumping opportunities. Now was the time for him to pull off the smartest of manouveres to whip off the bails to push Sharif back into a lead of 2. Final ball of his spell and wicket number 3 for the Moseley grunter to possibly the loudest cheer of the evening from my fellow Fitmen – thanks guys! A final wicket for Martin - good catch by Tucker again, made no difference at all.

Brilliant work by Sharif and all the fielders though and AMS were stranded on 109 and a victory by 63 runs was in the bag.

A quite superb season. Fair play to all who have been involved. Here’s to a great indoor Ninja winter and I can’t wait for early May 2016 when we will try to keep this winning run going!

Fitmen Midweek 2015 - THE UNDEFEATBLES