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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 16 / 8 / 2015 Belbroughton C.C. Away Lost by 3 wickets. Old Mo 143-9. Oppo 144-7.


Fitmen 143 all out; Belbroughton 144-7
Old Mo lost by 3 wickets

A glorious day had broken when the Torpid Ten (the team fluctuated from 13 to 10 during the build-up) set sail for Llandewi Broughton....and a pre-match ‘planning meeting’ at The Queens. A delightful 5 pub Worcestershire town-lette where Hon Fix Sec was pretty confident he wouldn’t be the only Pear in the Village.

More joy on pulling into the ground to be met by a bucolic setting. A perfect picture scene from the patio’d approach to the practice area, the carefully tended flower beds in front of the clubhouse up to and including the chintzy modesty nets on the changing room windows.
Kim dished out the bad news – the bar wouldn’t be open until 4pm making a ‘bowl first’ decision nailed on............just required a correct call.

So the Fitmen were inserted and things got off with a bang – ball one, short and hooked for 4. Game on...............and then it wasn’t. Notable exceptions were Ralphie (45 @ 145) and L’épée (43@72) along with a stubborn strum (22 @ 32) by Captain Corelli's on his Mandolin just to remind us what we’ll missing when he jets off on Tuesday.

The rest of the batting was pretty dire............which probably gives it more credit than it deserves. The oppo produced some good bowling, particularly from the youngsters, but nothing our top and middle order hadn’t seen before. There was the odd bit of bad luck with balls keeping low but mainly The Fitmen were the architects of their own downfall and a couple of overs short of the allocated 40 saw a very modest (50 short?) target of 144 set for the hosts to chase.

Things were to get better though as the ‘top tea of the season’ was unveiled. You name it, it was there ............plus Victoria Sponges that would be a credit to The Bake Off and a selection of fruits including locally popped cherries.

The second half needed an outstanding start to stand any chance and whilst Ralphie (8-0-40-2) generated excellent pace and accuracy, along with a meanish 3 overs of Chairman-grippers (3-0-7-0 - plus one too many which leaked a further 11) from the bottom end, the early breakthroughs didn’t come quick enough.

An outstanding snaffle down the leg side from Tuckerrrr gave a glimmer of hope but the home batsmen ground their way towards the modest target. To be fair the bowlers did their bit, but defending 143 was never going to happen.

M Le Sabre (7-2-17-2) took advantage of the slope from the Alpe de Huez end and seamed out the dangerous looking ‘opening bowler’s Dad’ ......strongly challenging Ralphie for “Joueur le plus utile”. Ralphie launched a howitzer from the boundary and ‘pinned’ the young batsman as he made his ground for a 2nd run ......and brought an early drinks interval to ensure the lad could carry on. Fortunately he was fine.

This high speed activity was the last of any note since nothing happened for the next 17 overs.....the world stopped spinning, the sheep lost interest, thoughts turned to the excitement of the ladies ashes test.............and Sharif found a new friend on the deep cover boundary. ‘Gary’s Nan’ (real name Miss Wilson) took a shine to the shimmering hulk bordering her runner beans and could barely conceal her admiration for his figures (7.2-0-35-1).

Bal (7-0-24-1) kept up the pressure on the bowlers awards front runner, Si had 4 stabs at a silly mid-off catch and when Mo (4-2-5-1) came on at the death.... a slow lingering one... you knew it was time to start the car.

Still – a charming ground, welcoming hosts and definitely up there with the best venues. Onwards and upwards as the last T/20 beckons for ‘The Mid-Week Invincibles’.