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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 9 / 8 / 2015 Old Doms Home Won by 4 wickets. Oppo 222-4. Old Mo 223-6.


Old Doms Bashing is the perfect tonic for Ashes Hangover

Fitmen, 223-6, Beat Old Doms, 222-4, by 4 Wickets

With The Ashes back in their rightful place with a test and 2 (and three quarter) days to spare, all focus turned to The Graveyard for Part II of the Old Doms v Fitmen mini-series.

After a spanking on their patch in the season opener, Fitmood was low based on the assumption that their 11th player, who was yet to appear, would be the Biffer who took us to task last time round...

Not to be, so the Captains made their way to the middle(ish) for the all important toss.

The Toss fell in favour of the oppo', (Tails), who had no hesitation in having a bat first, on a scorching August day and a newly trimmed outfield.


Sunny and emerging midweek skipper Ralphie took the new Dukes ball, with Sunny getting prodigious swing from the off. He set up their opener beautifully, swinging it wider and wider of off stump, luring the batsman into a false shot that was skied to mid-off. Sunny would have had more reward if there would have been a Root-like slipper at first - unfortunately we got the Bell version, Ralphie shelling one just above his left shoulder.

Ralphie however bowled with discipline, coming in off his remodelled shorter run-up, seaming the ball off good lengths, yet anything full was punished into the woodland with ease. 10 overs were shared and with the score at 50 (ish) for 1, Bal and Sharif were requested to keep the game tight.

Sharif, as always, obliged with another ridiculous spell (8-2-17-1), whilst Bal whirled and twirled for similar success, (5-0-26-1), including the hat-trick ball which was preceded with warnings of genital mutilation should anyone drop the cherry...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnd breathe...no chance went to hand.......

Bal was swapped for Nutterrr, but with the young number 3 and veteran number 5 going nicely, anything of similar line or length was punished to the long mid-wicket boundary, or slapped through the shorter cover region.

Sunny and Ralphie returned to finish their compliment (Sunny 8-2-36-1; Ralphie 8-0-38-0), before Si and Mo had a go. This was largely missed by the Chairman, who decided a stint in the horizontal position @ Chez Caesar was required in order to redistribute the apple flavoured liquid around the system.

With Si pulling a fetlock, Skipperrrrrr turned to Tahir to request he bowl the 39th over. Begrudgingly, Tahir stripped down to just the single jumper, and bowled down - yeah bowled - not chucked - 6 good 'uns for a nice maiden. Mo picked up a wicket in his short spell. Good catches from Sharif, Tom (x 2 in the deep), and Ralphie, adding to a few drops, which, if were taken, would surely have reduced the target from the posted 223.

Tea included the (less spicy version) customary Chicken Wings, served warm, as were the MoSamosas, lashings of soft breaded sarnies, including (some might say) over-pickled cheese butties, and the news that the Gunners had gone down 0-2 at home to The 'Ammers.

The reply started torpidly as Tom C and Uncle Mo played and missed at a few from the young paceman steaming in from the golf-course end, assisted by his 'partner', a swinging lady from the City End.

Mo took up the challenge not long after however, smashing 6 x fours (and a single...) in his quick fire 25, before holing out (at mid-wicket I think), for his first dismissal in nearly a century. This has had the unfortunate effect of reducing his average to only 109, with the batting index (Average + Strike Rate) sitting at a mere 230.....only 128 runs need to be accumulated in the remaining fixtures for the magic 1000!!

Tom tried to up the rate and clipped one off his toes, also to mid-wicket, the shot that last outing garnered many runs in the 10 wicket win. Short time, 2 down, but no fear. The revitalised Tahir and non-Torpid Si Howarth took up the reins, and amassed a very nice 50 partnership. Tahir from the off looked absolute class, defending all in line, and driving sublimely through cover and mid-wicket. Si kept up the rate cutting through gully, pulling and sweeping

After Tahir smashed a cover drive straight to mid-off for a fine 41 (7 x fours, 1 x six), Rob Green strode confidently to the crease armed with his Electrically charged willow. A fine run-a-ball 26 (3 x fours), with the highlight being a straight drive into the bunker, aided another 50 partnership between these two, bringing up the 100 in only the 15th over. Those partnerships set up the game nicely for next in Ralphie who, with instructions of 'play sensible', 'see it through' and 'nothing daft', immediately lost all sense and smashed his first delivery for the now customary four...9 balls to face then...

Amidst all the chaos Si serenely amassed a great 50, with the shot-of-the-day being a delicious on drive back past the bowler that never left the carpet...soon after however he was found dancing down the wicket to the filly, only to miss and be stumped (54 @ 77, 9 x fours). Third 50 partnership of the FitReply mind you...

Sharif sauntered out, smashed his second ball into the still blue skies, allowing two Old Doms to meet quite ungainly in a fairly embarrassing collision, Sharif running a two whilst they debated who's fault the drop was...Ralphie at the other end was continuing to see ball - hit ball, and brought the score to within 2 for victory, before showing Sharif how to hit it even higher, alas to someone who could hold on. Fine 41 off 25 balls, 8 x fours; 1 x six.

Skipperrr was left to hoick the winning runs somewhere over mid-on, and a pleasing victory for the Fitmen was assured with plenty of overs left, levelling the series at 1-1.

Thoughts go out to the oppo 'keeper, who took one in the sternum and was carried off by 68 men into the awaiting hospital wagon. Get well soon.
Sunny's claims that the following goal was...'Lucky', whilst this one was a...'Classy Utd Team Effort'.
Discussions of who should be dropped/promoted for the last Ashes Test at the Oval ensued into the late evening...Yorkshire v Lankyshire v Worcestershire were the main culprits...
Moeen up to 7
Buttler out - Rashid in
X. Tras to open the batting for the Aussies...