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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 7 / 6 / 2015 Blackwood Away Won by 4 wickets. Oppo 119 Old Mo 122-6.


Iceland Tour on Hold as Bal Strikes Magnificent 7
Blackwood 119 all out; Old Mo 122-6 – Win by 4 wickets

The first June match of the season brought with it a rush of non-availability, late pull outs and surprise ‘surprise birthdays’, leaving a bowling line up where the pace attack was headed up by the Chairman on what appeared to be a batters track, with captain Tucker seeking to improve his 25% win ratio.

Nevertheless, a full and 'fit' XI rocked up on a beautiful day at Sheldon Marlborough to inspect the hardest wicket ever featured in Sunday friendly cricket, with Mr T dreaming of runs following his dry spell in Amsterdam. The Sheldon Marlborough cooking lager was left well alone in favour of chilled Thatchers to be consumed in the back cupboard miniature changing rooms.

Captain Tuckerrrr called heads in the middle, making the first mistake of the day as the coin traversed a crevasse on the wicket, landing the wrong way, leading to the Fitmen heading into the sun for an afternoon of leather chasing. While everyone else made good use of the new shirts in the sun, woolly jumpers were called for by Bal and T, for fear of freezing.

The pace boys of TC (Snr) and Sharif opened the bowling, with the occasional bad balls being punished by the openers, ripping the ball to shreds in a matter of minutes. Sharif bowled both of the openers, taking the score to 40 odd for 2 off the first 7, while further accurate bowling slowed the rate down before the third wicket was taken by the Chairman with a sharp catch behind the stumps by Tom H.

The bowling then took an incredible turn as Nutterrr and Bal were brought on. Any runs here and Captain Tucker was thinking of unleashing his own away swingers. Fortunately he didn't have to take the risk as the remaining 7 wickets were taken by the first change pair, despite one of them not picking up a wicket at all.

Aiming for good line and length, Bal was able to break a Fitmen record while the opposition batsmen looked to make the total a little more of a stretch for the visitors. Starting with a 'middle of middle' lbw, Bal kept it in the same spot, allowing catches to be taken by Sharif, TC the younger and a diving effort (being careful not to dislocate any more fingers) from TC the elder.

Granted, a couple of the wickets were somewhat good luck as the full straight balls were missed, but the continuing pressure of bowling on the stumps meant three further wickets were picked up in no time at all, Bal finishing with career best and Fitmen best figures of 5.2-2-17-7! A top performance where even Nutterrrr's tight bowling couldn't steal the show.

So to tea with just 120 to chase, the Fitmen were encouraged to gorge on a range of sandwiches, the occasional savoury egg and some questionable pork pies, washed down with with tea and/or Carling. Not much else to write about.

It was thought that the chase would be a simple and comfortable affair with both openers (the Torpid brothers) expecting stylish 50s and an early return to the bar. Half of that was true as they saw out a good chunk of accurate opening bowling on a dying wicket but both were returned fairly early on with the score on just 25.

Mr T and Captain T'rrrrr struck some solid boundaries, steadily knocking off the runs and looking quite comfortable before Tahir walked down the wicket and missed one while Tucker toe-ended to a safe pair of hands on the boundary. Fortunately, run machine Mo was on hand to guide the Fitmen home with an unbeaten 28, ably assisted by a wonderful cover drive from Neil and 'first ever golden duck' Sharif (Evidence 1 and Evidence 2).

Mo slammed 3 boundaries in an over to finish the game off with 4 wickets in hand. A good win for the Fitmen and a really tough decision on the man of the match.

Well bowled Bal!